The Holocaust

The Nazis came into power in Germany in 1933. They believed that the Germans were superior and the Jews were Inferior. During this era, the population of Jews was around nine million. During World War II, the Nazis came up with “The Final Solution”. “The Final Solution” was a plan in which they brutally killed over six million European Jews i.e. three out of two jews. They killed Jew men, women, and even children. This mass murder conducted by the Nazis is known as The Holocaust or Shoah in Hebrew. The word holocaust comes from ancient Greek which means ” whole burnt”.

The main cause of the holocaust is believed to be the ideology of the Nazis. They wanted to terminate the Jews and they were able to do so.
The Nazis blamed Jews for Germany’s defeat in World War I too.
Before World War II, the Nazis tried various ways to remove the Jews from Germany by allowing them to emigrate. The Jews were robbed, beaten, and even killed at times. They were banned at public parks and pubs. They were not allowed to work in certain professions. In 1935, Nuremberg Racial Laws came into force in which the Jews were forbidden to marry non-Jews. The Nazis burnt their houses, food, etc, and made their survival difficult. Later, they decided to move the Jews to the islands of Madagascar but the war made it impossible. Therefore, they came up with a mass murder plan. They not only killed the Jews but also others like the political opponents, Roma, Sinti, handicapped, homosexuals, etc. They established killing spots and executed millions of Jews.
In the end, it all went down as Adolf Hitler wanted. Everything worked according to him, he decided to murder, just because he thought the lives of Jews were unimportant.

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