The Internet boom and its effects on our environment

On the fifteenth of August 1995, the internet was made available to the public in our country. Today we have billions of active users. The Internet has now become a mere necessity rather than the comfort of luxury. Back then in 1995, internet speeds were just in a couple of kilobytes, but today we are blazing past the net at speeds almost at gigabytes. The cost of the internet has also drastically changed for a speed of 9Kb/s for 250 hours it was charged at almost 2500 rupees!! Now we can suffice all our internet needs at amazing speeds for almost months at the same price. The irony is since then prices of land, water, fuels, precious stones have skyrocketed; but that of communication and the internet have decreased exponentially.

In the year 2015 India had over 300 million users, thanks to the severe competition between network providers and the ever-competitive network battle. Now India has over 9 billion users, not only the network rage has caused this; the pandemic also is a major reason for this. Everyone was forced into their house with no other option but to adapt to this new technology. According to Nasscom since the pandemic hit our nation the network traffic has increased by almost ten manifolds. Companies had to install several servers and network infrastructure to support this erratic change in the consumer market. Although the prices have reduced, connectivity is now at home, comfort at the tips of your hands. We are unaware of the harms of what this could cause.  

We are seriously obsessed with the speed provided by network companies, we frequently complain and crib about the services offered. Forcing companies to either increase their spectrum range or increase their frequency at existing cell towers or construct new towers. This causes serious damage to small birds and insects, sparrows, pigeons all small birds are adversely affected by these rays. We must ensure that these birds must not be affected due to our comforts. We must give them their place on our planet. I agree we need the internet to survive in our daily lives, but we also need to think of the harm we are doing to our environment.

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