The mind of a philosopher

Philosophy is defined as a set of beliefs which explains the true meaning of life.
Through the years, money is the one thing that I value the most. The main reason being money solves all our problems and it’s the main tool to survive in a competent world like ours. It also helps us achieve what we want and stay ahead in life. Most people may deny this but deep down they know it too. Even if we are in desperate need of money, we need to remember our morals in order to have a clear conscience.

Morals help us differentiate between right and wrong. They help us to make decisions which can benefit us and even at times everyone around us. Whenever making a decision, the first thing to keep in mind would be not to hurt anyone , to not be selfish and only think about ourselves but considering others opinions and thoughts would be great. If we have to ever choose between things then it’s better to first understand what they are or what they can do and then listen to others point of view and to keep in mind the consequences of that decision. It’s not easy making the “right” decision but we have to factor in all the possibilities before making that decision and going with our intuition may save the day. To make the right decision, we must believe in ourselves.

From the time I could think for myself, one thing I’ve known is God doesn’t exist. I believe in cleaning up the mess I created and not depend on a non-existential being to solve my problems. I also don’t believe in an afterlife. I believe in the fact that when a person dies he is reborn with a clean slate and nothing of his past life would matter. Even if God doesn’t exist, having faith surround us Is important.

I believe having good and healthy relationships with people, be it our parents or friends or anybody makes our life worth living and adds value to it. For most of us, the purpose of our life is still pretty unclear but leading a happy life would definitely be one of the reasons for existing. Achieving anything in life is easy if we work hard and focus on what we want. Right now, living a financially stable life and having a steady job is maybe something I would like to achieve for myself.

To find the truth, we must check all the facts and being truthful shouldn’t be difficult for anyone. Science gives us all the facts and therefore we must believe In science and not blindly believe in anything people ask us to believe in. My intuition is what helps me decide if it’s the truth or not. It’s what helps me to “know” when things are right and when something’s not right. An example would be knowing the fact that “honesty is the best policy” as whenever we lie, we need to make up more lies to cover the truth but instead of we’re just honest from the start then we wouldn’t get into any troubles and it wouldn’t haunt us forever.

Free will:
Free will is something I do believe in as every person must make a decision for himself and held accountable if it’s the wrong decision as that’s how we learn to make the right decisions and grow. Any choice I make, it’s because I wanted to and not because I was pressurised into making that decision.

Anything which catches the eye is beautiful. Everyone is beautiful. We may not believe that because of these beauty standards but what really matters is a person’s personality. Nature is beautiful. If not for nature, mankind wouldn’t exist. Art usually helps us capture what the eye witnesses. I really don’t believe “extreme” forms of artistic expressions should be censored as I believe everything is beautiful and should be accepted within judgement.

Every person should be entitled to basic human rights. It’s in the name itself. There shouldn’t be any discrimination when it comes to these rights as everyone deserves a voice. Justice is doing right by the people.

I believe in being true to oneself, helping others and minding my own business. This is something people should really inculcate in themselves.

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