Wettest Place

The current record holder, as recognised by the Guinness Book of World Records , is the cluster of hamlets known as Mawsynram in India . Moisture swept from the Bay of Bengal, condenses over this 1491m plateau, in the Khasi Hills that overlook the plains of Bangladesh . The results is an astonishing average annual rainfall of 11871 mm . Even the worlds biggest statue, would be up to his knees in that volume of water. It is certainly wet in Mawsynram . Unsurprisingly the area is overwhelming lush and green , rich with waterfalls and fascinating caves carved in the limestone by the falling water. Ten miles to the East lies the town of Cherrapunji . Its known locally by its traditional names Sohra and is the second wettest place on Earth. THE ABODE OF THE CLOUDS Its average record falls shy of Mawsynram by 100mm but it holds plenty of other titles . It is still the location of wettest month and year ever recorded.

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