I have been thinking about this movie for the past several days since watching it which is probably the sign of a good movie. 


Then Came You is a 2018 American  movie directed by Peter Hutchings and written by Fergal Rock. It is romantic comedy-drama. The movie is a about a spirited girl who brings life force to an uncertain male. The movie follows how Skye Aitken the terminally ill girl having a desire to enjoy her life before she dies. She develops friendship with Calvin Lewis a young man working as a baggage handler at the airport and also a college drop-out, whose doctor thinks he has a hypochondriac, though Calvin denies it.


The young man in need of a new start is Calvin Lewis, a shy, sad young boy. He is a college drop out working as a luggage handler along with his father and his brother. He is so obsessed with death that he keeps journal of his possible symptoms and attends a cancer patient support group even though he had no cancer. There he meets free spirit and dying Skye who enlist him to help fulfill her final wishes which she has dubbed her To Die List, because “Bucket List” is not cute enough. Skye has the kind of fatal disease we see only in movies, looking completely fine with her cute wigs and filled with energy. This all lasted until Skye collapse at a dramatic moment. she has to get Calvin to help her with her list of supposed-to-be-adorable rule-breakers like shoplifting and vandalism and a few things healthy people have time to wait for, like having sex with the guy she had a crush on before she got sick. This provides an opportunity for a montage with Skye and Calvin performing Shakespeare in a park, fencing, spray-painting a building, wearing funny outfits at a sidewalk stand selling fried chicken and tacos, and behind the wheel of a fire truck, none of which is close to being as charming as it intends. One of the items on her list is “help a sad case,” so she pushes Calvin to come clean about not having cancer and ask out Izzy, the flight attendant he has a crush on from afar. Just to make sure we have not had enough reminders about how Calvin is wasting his chance at life while a dying Skye is filling the time she has left with adventure, Calvin works at the airport but has never been on a plane.

This movie builds the emotional attachment you have to the characters until you start to truly feel what they are going through.  It also has a great message about living and life.  It’s not your usual vapid teen romance comedy but is relatable to any age.  I fell in love with Skye’s spirit and strength. The spirit and actions of Skye will make us to believe that she will get better and stay alive but it is not possible. The more she express her happinees outside the more the pain she is bearing from inside. Calvin who was waiting for a new start has finally met a person like Skye with whom he felt how life can be more interesting and enjoyable. Skye was the reason for Calvin to date with Izzy. In the middle of all crisis she also thought about Calvin’s happiness. It was another great performance by Maisie Williams  who I believe will be one of our premier actresses in the future.   Asa Butterfield, remember him from Sex Education. Overall definitely a must watch for when you are looking to sit and chill instead of getting hyped up watching an action movie.

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