#Thepurestbond : "A father-daughter bond"

Everyone has different relationship with their parents , but the most purest bond that one will find is of a father- daughter . Each one of have witnessed it , dads taking care of their little girls , making their hairs , paint their nails , trying new makeup hacks on their daddy , doing their dad’s makeup , etc. Their is something so sweet & beautiful to watch both of them interact . A father protects her daughter from every things which is bad for her , he tends to make her girl the prettiest & the most perfectionist in the world . It is important for girls to have good relationship with their father , as it impacts their personality , their success , their behavior.


Women who have a good relationship with their fathers are lucky enough to look back at their fond memories when they grow up. Having a good relationship with her father not only shapes a girl’s childhood experience but also influences her behavior towards other men later in life. If a girl’s father is erratic or completely absent by nature, then it creates a feeling of low self-esteem in her, and she might have trouble trusting men in general.

A girl’s father act as a hero for her , this is because he is the first man she is introduced to , he is the first man who holds her , her perception about a man is developed the way her father treats her . This perception is important for a girls’ growth . A girl calls her dad her hero because , he gives a sense of security , he tends to protect her from every thing , dads tends as he would take here girl’s each & every problem .

The father’s connection and communication will help the daughter make the right decisions. A father should provide stability and moral guidance to his daughter because that is the time( teenage ) when she is surrounded and tempted by bad influences. Daughters learn more about relationships by observing their father’s actions and behavior. They judge men based on the standard their father sets. Happy marriages are connected to a warm parent-child relationship. If the parents have marital problems, the girl tends to be insecure, anxious, and aggressive.

Father’s presence not only directs girls in the early stage of life but also assure her that what ever the problem is her father is standing as an iceberg in front of her & will protect her from every problem .

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