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Time and Tide wait for none


“Time and Tide wait for none”,
the substance of the proverb is to utilize the dispensed time in imaginative
and positive interests instead of in contrary and time-squandering interests. No
one is granted with so much power that he can stop time and this is what is
depicted by this phrase “time and tide wait for none”. Stopping the march of
time is beyond the control of a man therefore it is important to understand the
significance of time to use it wisely in our life.
our life we come across different situations some are happy and some are sad,
however, time does not stop no matter how happy or miserable you are feeling at
that particular moment. So, a man must utilize the time to create positive
development in society rather than wasting time on things that doesn’t seem to
help you in future.
We can revive old friendship, patch
up broken relations but not time. However, we may repent for the lost time, but
we cannot get it back, it waits for none. In its eyes, there are no differences
between the poor and the rich, the weak and the powerful.

“Improve your opportunities”
said Napoleon Bonaparte to a school of young men. “Every hour, lost now, is
a chance of future misfortune”.

Remember that all great people who have
registered their names in history or made life-changing contribution to the
annals of human history also had access to same 24 hours in a day. It is the
manner in which they utilised their 24 hours which made each hour of the day
Time is a free force. It does not wait for anyone. Time
is money. A minute not usefully spent is an eternal loss. You can never get
back the lost minute. One has to strike the iron when it is hot. The time flies
and never returns. If you waste time, it wastes you.

Therefore it is said the person is not
strong the time is strong so we all should respect the time a scholar said that
we should do all the work on time no faith in time do not know when that
cataclysmic so do not leave our spacious work on tomorrow though that work at
the same time is very strong and powerful than everything in this world.

Scholars, teachers, professionals, and
scientists all have been advised to do the work within time else they have to
bear losses in the future. We have to understand the value of time and should
make proper utilization of it in the right direction. Time is very precious and
it costs us a lot if we waste our time on frivolous and wasteful activities.
Success and failure in life depend upon the way we utilize our time in daily
life and routine.

Whether be it learning new things, paying
more attention to our physical fitness, connecting with our friends and family,
putting in more productive hours at work, let us make each and every moment
count in our life so that at the end of the day, we can go to sleep at peace
knowing that the day has been well-spent.


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