It all started in France when that people decided o serve tiny portions of food for a very simple reason that is to make enough place for some dessert and a fancy coffee. When you eat a lot of food at once you tend to forgot the taste or get used to it that it doesn’t leave a mark i your memory. But the less amount of food that you eat you happen to remember the taste for a lot longer and appreciate it.

Most fancy restaurants have 3-6 course meals that makes it easy for you to try them all out . It would be a waste if you ordered a 6 course meal that consists of a large amount of food and not have enough space in your tummy to finish it off. People often happen to appreciate things that are rare and limited edition, therefore eating a tiny amount of luxurious food is somewhat pleasure seeking to the people.

The chefs don’t just make food, they make pieces of art. It is impossible to make food look art when it is served in a large amount as it might end up looking like ‘a meal that is made by emptying the fridge’. It also is very pleasing to the people when they eat something very elegant with shiny cutlery and pretty clothes, rather than eating something messy and huge with pretty clothes.

Fancy restaurants are all about dim lighting, pretty aura, and delicate fragrances. These aspects make the atmosphere look more comfortable and keeps you from leaving the place early. Whereas the scenario with tiny and cheap restaurants are that they are more prone to attract people’s gaze and are brightly lit, that makes the people cautious of what they eat, how they eat, and with who they eat.

Fun fact is that the fancy restaurants can make a new dish with the left over food and you wouldn’t know. They can actually save a large amount of food from being thrown away, that the fast food makers fail to do so.

Article by : Haniah Mirza

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