ANIMENOVA is one of the best online anime streaming website which offers anime movies, anime drama and anime series free of cost. Yes!!! You hear it right. You don’t have to spend a single penny to enjoy the best anime content available on this website. All the content available on this website is in high quality and dubbed versions of many anime content in different languages is also available. There is a search box available on the top right corner of the homepage to quickly find and access all your favourite content in an user-friendly manner.
The homepage also provides options which include Anime Series, Dub Anime and Cartoons, Movies, etc. Filters option on the basis of popularity, new, recent, alphabetical order, etc. is also available. It provides a unique feature of ongoing and completed option which is very useful and handy when the user want to check which of the content is already visited on the website.
Now the questions arises that if Animenova is that much good then why we are discussing about its alternatives??? The answer to this is that all the content that is available on Animenova is pirated and illegal. Due to this reason, authorities in many countries have shut down Animenova on the basis of copyright issues.
But there is nothing to worry about. Still we have many other alternatives of it.


  • 9Anime – 9Anime is a free anime streaming website which provides dubbed content in English for the users. It was first introduced in the year 2016. The stuff is available in various genres like action, comedy, drama, historical, romance, etc. Ongoing and completed sections are there to provide the history of the content that was accessed by the user. The user interface is one of the best as compared to other websites that are currently available on the internet. With all this positive aspects, 9Anime is one of the most deserving alternative of Animenova to watch out for.
  • Animefreak – Animefreak is a popular website among the users as it provides some of the unique features in it. These unique features include anime list, search anime, popular anime, random, etc. One more very handy feature is “Schedule Anime” option which lets the user to set the time in accordance to his/her comfort. The dubbed versions of various anime are also available on the website.
  • Anime Door – Anime Door is very popular among the users and provide the latest anime content. The content available in it is dubbed in English language. There is no need of creating any account or sign up and content is free of cost. Users can either stream and watch online or can download the anime series to watch later on. Filters option on the basis of release date and popularity are available to sort the anime of your interest from a huge library of anime content.
  • AnimeLab – AnimeLab provides the users with high quality and latest anime content in both sub and dub. The user interface of the website is awesome and is made as simple as possible for the users to use. Some most popular anime series on this website includes Hunter x Hunter, My Hero Academia, Naruto Shippuden and much more. With all this stuff AnimeLab can be a good go to option to visit for.
  • MyAnimeList – MyAnimeList is considered as the most active online anime website with a nice collection of all the popular anime series. One unique feature of this website is that it provides the complete information of all the characters that are present in the particular anime series. Filters option on the basis of top anime, seasonal anime, search anime, etc. are available for the users.
  • Now it’s time for the Conclusion – As everyone knows that for creating anime series and movies is not an easy task. It is considered as one of the most tedious task. It also requires a hefty amount of funds to complete it. Any company or investor will invest this hefty amount of money only when given an assurance that the money invested will be returned with the profit that the project makes. The livelihood of a large number of people depends on how much profit the project makes. But the websites mentioned above does not have copyrights and provides pirated and illegal content because free content cannot be provided if the website buy copyrights. Therefore there is always a chance that authorities can take actions on these websites and can shut them down. However as long as these websites are working, visit them to enjoy content free of cost.

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