JustDubs is one of the pioneer online anime streaming website. The website is enriched with a huge variety of anime content. JustDubs mainly focuses on providing English dubbed anime content so that majority of the world’s population can enjoy their favorite anime content without any difficulty. The anime content available on the website is free of cost and the user interface is also excellent.
But the thing is that even after gaining so much popularity it is not available for many users to get access to it. The reason for this is quite simple that it is a pirated site and provides all its content without copyright and in illegal manner. Hence in many countries authorities have taken actions against it and is banned in many countries.
But there is nothing to worry about. There are many other alternatives available so that anime lovers do not have to suffer.


  • KissAnime – KissAnime has always remained a tough competitor of JustDubs in terms of providing best quality content to the users at free of cost. It has a large number of users which regularly visit the site to enjoy all the latest anime series and movies. Thus it is a brilliant website with some excellent features and a great alternative to watch out for.
  • AnimeUltima – AnimeUltima is the next one to make it into this list of best alternatives. The content available on it is well organized. Anime series and movies from various genres like action, sci-fi, adventure, etc. is easily available in it. The website is ads-free and content is in high quality. The dubbed version of anime series in English is also available. It has a forum of its own where users can discuss their views on the favorite episodes.
  • AnimeHeros – As the name suggests, AnimeHeros is the real hero of this field for the anime lovers when it comes to providing quality, latest and free content to the users. Filters option on the basis of genre and popularity is also available. One more interesting feature is that it also gives short description of the characters that are present in the particular anime series. “Free Anime Games” section is also provided for the anime games lovers.
  • AnimeHeaven – AnimeHeaven is one of the best free to stream anime website for the anime lovers. The anime content is well organized to save the valuable time of the users. Dubbed and non-dubbed versions both are available for the users. The site works smoothly on laptops and PCs but mobile phones is not much compatible with it.
  • YouTube – YouTube is preferably the most popular website in this list. In this technology-driven world who does not know about YouTube. A simple user-friendly interface and free content availability attracts millions and millions of people everyday on YouTube. When it comes to providing latest quality anime content, YouTube lags behind other websites and the reason for it is legal copyright issues. Everybody knows that YouTube provides only legal information in it and therefore all the unauthorized and illegal content is removed from YouTube. However still a large collection of anime series, movies and cartoons are available on it for the users to enjoy. For data saving purpose YouTube is one of the best aa users can adjust video quality by themselves.
  • Netflix – Netflix is probably one of the most deserving contender in this list. Netflix is a name that has received so much fame and popularity among the users in a very less time. The credit for this popularity goes to one of the best quality user interface and the availability of latest anime content as soon as they are released.However one should keep it in mind that they have to buy a subscription for using Netflix. The subscription amount varies as per the number of months for which the subscription is bought. As everyone knows that Netflix does not provide pirated and illegal content and buys copyrights from the companies so providing free anime content is not possible. However once you buy the subscription and visit the website you will not find yourself guilty as there is enormous content available for your enjoyment.

These are some of the handpicked alternative websites of JustDubs for you to choose from whenever you find any trouble in finding your favorite anime content. Just remember to take necessary steps like connecting to a VPN to safeguard your privacy from being hampered by some of the notorious people and installing an Antivirus to safeguard your operating system from harmful bugs.

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