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Applications enhance and reduce the manpower in every
place providing better services online. These apps help the user to experience
the online world inside a device/gadget. Each module has a specification unique
from others even though if they are used for same purpose. Whereas in the case
of laptops or computers, from entertainment till animation various things can
be created, explored and viewed in them.

 In fact, a
helping hand in the virtual environment during this pandemic. It is very simple
to cover all the applications that became the best use for windows in the
present year. So let me brief each app one by one according to my preference.

Microsoft Office 365

The first ever application that can be used for a
large scale of domestic and commercial purposes simultaneously. This package
offers seven splendid apps inside in where each one is prone for different
activities from kids to elders. Each app has a specialty on its own and a very
genuine application created by Microsoft organization.

The usage of each one is unique that makes us to
astonish associated with the programming of it. This package is a primary one
and does not require any special feature like graphics, designing.

 This package is
now handy as we can use them in mobiles from anyplace with a network alone. The
fact is it also available in three different versions (Mac, iOS, Android)
excluding Windows. These apps help in creating data, storing them, manipulating
and compiling different data and documents. But the subscription has to be paid
as it is not free of cost to utilize.

Word - to
create documents, and publications.

PowerPoint –
to organize and combine data including formulas. Also, for handling them.

Excel – to
store, arrange and handle data

OneDrive – to
store documents and things online

OneNote – to group
data you collect including notes, drawings, screen shots, audio files, and much

Publisher –
to create extensive posters, menu and publications.

Outlook - to
manage email and to do lists, and contacts.

Access – to
combine and group a huge data.




This is user-friendly and has no restrictions upon any
age of people using it. myTube is a third-party YouTube client. Because YouTube
doesn't always play nicely with third-party developers, myTube often comes with
problems and issues.

Also, it is available at free of cost in Store of
Microsoft platform in which your videos can be saved and comments can be made
while watching random videos.

It makes controlling the app and navigating it easily
as it is also a multi-tasking.

 More features
are to be added, but even if the public release was just a stable, it'd still
be the excellent way to watch YouTube videos on Windows platform.




This is a huge entertainment platform where people can
experience a lot web series and TV shows that go through different journals
like horror, sci-fi, thrilling etc. One of the most popular application among
youngsters nowadays. This application is totally free but do require
subscription to be paid. There are different languages for all TV shows so it
will be comfortable for viewers to watch shows in their favorite language. This
application has movies and a lot more comprised inside that will be an
attractive and mesmerizing as well as stress buster for people.

This will ease your time away as you browse through
several shows and categories in it. Even a family entertainer based on each
one’s priority. It provides services at ultra-HD clarity so users need not
worry about it.




It is a digital library that allows us to access to n-number
of songs and work from other people related to music and video. This is also a
user-friendly and free of cost application but certain services need to be paid
if you are in the urge to use them.

Spotify can be used in various range of devices but
the podcasts or music can be taken to external from other than their own
platform as it is restricted for users



VPNs are used to protect private web traffic from snooping,
interference, and censorship.

ExpressVPN is a paid VPN service that provides privacy
and security while exploring the online world with our device. The application
is totally free but needs a subscription for the services to be used.

This is a highly securitized app that can hold all
your private passwords secretly while in indoors or roaming. You can feel safe
with this module as it and user friendly also. Also works in Windows, Mac, iOS,
Android, Linux and router.




PowerToys is similar to Microsoft Office packages but
they are different in their functions that works on the software itself.  It is a highly specialized that create themes,
background screens, layouts, changes the theme of our layout in the keyboard
also resizes the pictures instantly. It also works like a booster in launching
apps, replacing a file’s name

Microsoft PowerToys is a set of freeware system tools
that is developed by Microsoft themselves to work on Windows operating system
for power users at high efficiency. It is a open source software are no cost
application that works for old versions for windows also which has been hosted
by GitHub the platform for programmers.




Readit is a Universal Windows Platform (UWP)app so
that you can browse with ease and with fastness of the application associated
with UI. The either side of the screen can be used to view post and comment on
them, and you can manage to change the settings accordingly to your wish. If you
start exploring this platform will become your default browser and all-time

This software comprises the facility for blind and low
vision where they can import things and change the style of it to the format
that can be viewed and read in a simple manner.

Also available in all types of devices and platform
that is free of cost and user-friendly in all occasions. Includes scanning
documents and uploading facility also.


I have given my best reviews about all the
applications I have listed hope you will found useful reading my content as it
may provide you the details the others won’t be given.






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