Transmission Mode :

When two computers are in communication,data transmission may occur in one of the three modes

🔸️one way only
a) Simplex mode

🔸️Both ways but one way at a time
b) Half- duplex mode

🔸️Both ways simultaneously
c) Full-duplex mode

🌟Simplex mode🌟:

In Simplex mode,data can be transmitted in one direction as shown in below.
The device using the Simplex mode of transmission can either send or receive data, but it cannot do both. An example is the traditional television broadcast, in which the signal sent from the transmitter to the TV. There is no return signal. In order words a TV cannot send a signal to the transmitter.

🌟Half duplex mode🌟:

In Hslf duplex mode data csn be transmitted back and forth between two stations. But at any point of the time data can go in any one direction only. This arrangement resembles traffic on a one-lane bridge. When traffic moves in one direction, traffic on the opposite direction is to wait and take their turn. The common example is walky-talky, wherein one waits for his turn while the other talks.

🌟Full duplex mode🌟:

In full duplex mode a device can simultaneously send or received data. This arrangement resembles traffic on a two-way bridge, traffic moving on both directions simultaneously. An example is two people on the telephone talking and listening simultaneously. Communication in full duplex mode is faster. Full duplex transmission is used in large computer systems. Products like “MicrosoftNet Meeting” supports such two way interaction.

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