Two members of this K-pop Band Tested Positive FOR COVID-19

left:Doyoung, Right:Junghwan

K-POP band Treasure’s two members have tested positive for COVID-19. Kim Do Young and So Jung Hwan have tested psitive for COVID-19.

On July 13 YG Entertainment did announced that Do Young has tested positive for COVID-19 after he along with other members with some of the staff went through the the process.

Kim Doyoung

YG Entertainment said,” we are informing you that Treasure member Doyoung has tested positive for COVID-19 test today. The other members and the staff tested negative. As there are no other confirmed cases, the Treasure members and the staff will be self-quarantine.”

On July 16 YG Entertainment released a statement saying that the youngest members of Treasure So Jung Hwan has tested positive for COVID-19.

So Jung Hwan

In the statement YG Entertainment said,

“This is YG Entertainment.We inform you that TREASURE member So Jung Hwan tested positive for COVID-19 today (July 16). Besides Doyoung who tested positive on July 13, the other TREASURE members and staff have tested negative as a result of all additional tests until now.

So Jung Hwan tested negative initially, but he received a positive result from continuously checking his health with a rapid detection kit while under self-quarantine, and he was confirmed positive with the following PCR test.”

With the release of this statement fans flock to send positive messages to both the idols recovery. everyone is wishing them a fast recovery and we also wish for their fast recovery.

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