Unemployment has become one of the biggest problems around the world. When an individual is an implied, he or she will know very less about the mankind. It is so difficult to face situation and handle situations when the individual is unemployed. Unemployment leads to many silly mistakes. And an unemployed person cannot take over the family and lead the family as well. There is a huge competition in highly populated countries like India. In order to be employed, the only method is to study hard and improve the skills and score better. Basically, the students are not showing good amount of interest towards the studies. Let us now see how to motivate them.

Covid crisis has made many people unemployed. It has taken away the basic need of living. Many people are left with the unfilled stomachs. Some people are dead about by not finding a way to live.

Types of unemployment :

There are four main types of unemployment in an economy frictional, structural, cyclical, and seasonal and each has a different cause.

1. Frictional unemployment :

Frictional unemployment is caused by temporary transitions in workers lives, such as when a worker moves to a new city and has to find a new job. Frictional unemployment also includes people just entering the labor force, such as freshly graduated college students. It is the most common cause of unemployment, and it is always in effect in an economy.

2. Structural unemployment :

Structural unemployment is caused by a mismatch in the demographics of workers and the types of jobs available, either when there are jobs available that workers don’t have the skills for, or when there are workers availabes but no jobs to fill. Structural unemployment is most obvious in industries undergoing technological advancements.

3. Cyclical unemployment :

Cyclical unemployment is caused by declining demand. When there is not enough demand in an economy for goods and services, businesses cannot offer jobs . According to keynesian economics , cyclical unemployment is a natural result of the business cycle in times of recession: if all consumers become fearful at once, consumers will attempt to increase their saving at the same time, which means there will be a decrease in spending, and businesses will not be able to employ all employable workers.

4. Seasonal unemployment :

Seasonal unemployment is caused by different industries or parts of the labor market being available during different seasons. Fot instance, unemployment goes up in the winter months, because many agricultural jobs end oncr crops are have harvested in the fall, and those wotkers are left to find new jobs.

Consequences of unemployment in an Economy :

Low unemployment is key to economic stability High and long- term unemployment can cause significant stress on a nation in three key areas.

* Individuals :

Unemployed people have no ability to fulfill their financial obligations and can become mentally stressed, ill, and even homeless.

* Economic efficiency :

During times of high unemployment many job seekers will accept new jobs below their skill level, a situation called “underemployment ” which translates to a loss of human capital for an economys labor market. Unemployed workers will also significantly decreases their consumer spending, which is one of the driving forces of economic growth. Without consumer spending, the economy will slow dramatically.

* socio- political stability :

If unemployment remains high, citizen dissatisfaction can rise to the point of widespread civil unrest.

Possible solutions for Unemployment :

Solving unemployment is a hotly debated topic, and no economists agree on one simple way to do it. However, in the U.S ,if unemployment rises noticeably, the government usually steps in with specific policies designed to lower the total number of unemployed people.

1. Monetary policy :

Monetary policy is financial influence implemented by a central bank . Monetary policies usually come in the form of lower interest rates, which increase the total money supply within an economy by allowing banks and businesses more access to loans and therefore, more accessible spending power.

2. Fiscal policy :

If expansionary monetary policy doesn’t adequately lower the unemployment rate government agencies will turn to fiscal policy. Fiscal policy is fiscal stimulus implemented by the national government and fiscal policies include spending on infrastructure, proposingtax cuts , increasing the minimum wage, or implementing unemployment benefits. These methods are designed to inject more demand into private economy and strengthen economic activity.

Let us now see some of the ways to motivate the students to study and get employeed.

Make things easier :

Showing the things easier and explaining them with clarity helps the students to show better interest on the subject and makes them to pay more attention on what the teacher is trying to convey. When the topics are shown easier for the students, they start learning them and they feel achieved and they pay more attention to study. When a student learns a particular topic or a question, he/she feels comfortable and happy for getting it. Once if they start reading, they develop the interest in them and they continue to read more and more.

Tell the importance :

The students must be motivated with good number of words to understand the need of studying and what happens if they don’t study. A student is like a bird without the wings when they don’t study. So, it is very important to motivate students to study and to make them understand the need of the situation. Motivation brings the right change in the students who are not interested in learning. It develops the interest in them to study.

It seems good if the government provides good number of jobs.

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