Education and literacy are important. Rather inevitable. One who is not educated and learned is compared to an animal. But is education, academics, and studying throughout the day without any extracurricular a good pattern to follow? Is it good for your body and the amazing, powerful brain that you carry within? The answer is an obvious ‘no’.

The organs, bones, and tissues that the human body is composed of require at least amount of physical exercise for them to function properly.

Therefore, it can be rightly concluded that the role of sports, just like education and academics cannot be ignored.

Let us first delve into the value and importance of sports in life to get a better understanding of the topic.

  1. Health Purposes –   Indulging in some type of sports, prevents the fat from accumulating thereby resulting in the continuous and smooth working of the heart. Also, when a person plays some sport, he/she is physically toned and comes out as more confident. Alongside, physically active people are more healthy sexually at later stages of their lives.
  2. Pass-time –  Not only are sports beneficial for the health, but also they can prove to be a great pass time and a source of recreation. Just imagine the physical tension and stiffness after a long study session. Playing some sport releases this tension and makes one more active with a positive and solid mindset for later work. 
  3. Team spirit and generosity – If a person plays sports that involve multiple players or playing in a team such as football, basketball, cricket, and volleyball, he develops team spirit and a sense of unity. The formation of ever-lasting bonds takes place and generosity is developed.
  4. Concentration and focus –  These are key qualities required by a sportsperson. Even if you are a rookie to a sport, then albeit slowly, but you will develop concentration and focus which will prove to be helpful not just for that particular sport but also in other spheres of life.
  5. Discipline- Acting out in a proper and well-structured way is an essential requirement of every sport. One gets to learn and live a disciplined life when one indulges in the field of sports.

But what will you do if you have a busy schedule and are not able to take out time to go out for a game of football or the lawn tennis stadium is too far from your home?

Well, these are simple techniques to stay in shape despite any sort of hurdle that may come.

  1. Stretching –  If you have a desk job and spend a great amount of time on the computer or just sitting scrolling through files of different sorts, take out time to get up and stretch your limbs. For eyes, simply rub your hands until warm and put on your eyes, and experience the soothing effect that comes along.
  2. Walking up and down the stairs –  If the facility of stairs is available at your accommodation, take out time to walk up and down, for this is a great way to exercise your body and shed some weight.
  3. Walking; simple walking –  Taking simple walks at your terrace or a nearby park can also prove helpful and also be beneficial for the working of the heart.

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