‘Washing powder Nirma’ The story behind the famous Ad song

Every kid born in the time of Doordarshan will know about this song – “..washing powder Nirma washing powder Nirma. Doodh is safedi Nirma se aaye… sabki pasand Nirma!” but do you know the story behind this jingle?

Nirma wasn’t a name randomly selected for the marketing of a detergent powder. Nirma was the nickname of a famous entrepreneur’s daughter- Karsanbhai Patel. He had lost his child in a car accident but he immortalized her by giving her name to a brand that even now rings in our heads.

Karsanbhai Patel was a son of a farmer. He had done graduation in the subject chemistry. He started his business in the backyard of his house by mixing soda and a few ingredients to make detergent. Even though there were other big brands like surf excel it didn’t intimidate him and soon Nirma became a household name. It was not a cakewalk as he had to cycle from a neighborhood to the next to sell his detergent. He got success at the behest of proving good quality detergent at a one-third price of surf excel . He even gave a money-back guarantee in every packet of Nirma.

Nirma is not just a detergent brand but its a trendsetter for many other brands with small business

Many might not know Karsanbhai Patel or his lost daughter but it was only his will and love for her daughter that her name now lives in so many households.                                                                  

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