What is 'One Direction' ?

One Direction, one of the biggest boy bands of all times was formed on 23 july 2010 at 08:22 pm GMT to be very accurate. They participated in 7th season of the X factor in 2010 and were formed into a group signed with record label of Simon Cowell, the Syco Records after forming a group and finishing at no 3 in the competition. The shortform of one direction is called 1D. The group members Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne and Zayn Malik were just 18 years old when the world loved them and they instantly became a sensation.
The British-Irish band released their first album in 2011, and topped the charts worldwide. The song, ‘what makes you beautiful’ had the highest debut for the british billboard of all times. The social media hysteria was huge and they dominated the music industry for 5 great years.
Unlike other celebrities, these boys were like 5 bestfriends who just wanted to have fun together and were very lame dancers. They released video diaries regularly for their fans when in the X factor. The water fights on the concert stage was pretty normal for their fans.
They released 5 albums in 5 years, ‘Up all night’, ‘Take me home’, ‘Midnight memories’, ‘Four’ and ‘Made in the am’. After the release of ‘Four’, One Direction becamd the first band ever to debut at number 1 in the US Billboard history. Also ‘Midnight memories’ was the bestselling album worldwide in 2013.
Some of their songs like, ‘Live while were young’, ‘Story of my life’, ‘Best song ever’ and others topped the charts of major markets. The band won more than 200 awards including 4 MTV music video awards, 6 Billboard music awards, 7 Brit awards, 7 American music awards and 28 teen choice awards.
As of 2020, the band sold over 70 million records worldwide. They were among the highest earning celebrities in the world.
In 2013, they released a documentary movie called ‘This is us’. They went on 4 world tours, of which the ‘Where we are tour’ in 2014 was the highest grossing tour in the history. They also did a cameo in iCarly in 2012. The band released a single ‘One way or another’ to support comic relief.
The fans got heartbroken when Zayn left the group in 2015 for his personal reasons. The band then released their 5th album ‘Made in the am’ and went on an official hiatus in January 2016 leaving million fans heartbroken.
Although they said they’ll be back after 18 months, the fans are still waiting for a reunion since 6 years now. The members seem to give hints of a reunion but no official statements yet.
In 2020, on the 10th anniversary of the band, fans thought they will finally release the ‘infinity’ single but were left disappointed.  The Directioners, take shake up the social media sites even now and doesn’t seem to loose hope in the reunion. The directioners love these boys which can be seen in the ‘San Siro stadium concert’ movie.
After the hiatus the members released their solo albums and are doing great in their careers.

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