what is the reason number of divorce cases In increasing in India?

Respecting our society and our culture, no person takes divorce. It is said everywhere that the number of divorces in India is very less.

And the divorce rate in India is the lowest among all the countries in the world. Statistics show that only 1 in 100 Indian marriages result in divorce, which is much less than 50% of US marriages that break up. The divorce rate was even lower in India over the past decade, where only 7.40 out of 1,000 marriages were annulled.

Now, If we talk about the old times, then if we talk about our Hindu tradition, then marriage was considered as a relationship of seven births which never broke. There was something similar in the law but then an agreement came and permission was given to get a mutual divorce. And people started taking Divorce and after that our society started changing and the rate of Divorce started increasing. And what is due to family breakdown are given below.

Reasons for divorce

1. Extramarital affair:

Even after marriage, whether it is from the side of the husband or from the side of the wife, but even after marriage, there are affairs. Having a relationship with someone other than the wife, which causes a rift in the relationship of the husband- wife And their family comes on the verge of breaking up, this is the biggest reason for getting divorced.

2. Money:

Today, society has become so complex that it becomes difficult for one person to walk home. When many needs are not fulfilled due to lack of money, then the matter reaches till the fight. So money also becomes the reason for divorce to an extent.

3.Lack of communication:

There is no good communication between husband and wife. When there is no good talk between husband and wife, then there is a rift in the relationship and the relationship breaks down and reaches on the verge of divorce.

4.The constant argument between husband and wife:

There is a constant debate on any matter, whether it is small or big, but the debate keeps on going on. Because of understanding each other, accusations are being made against each other And this constant argument breaks their relationship, fills bitterness in their relationship, which breaks the relationship.

5.Unrealistic expectations:

Husband and wife have a lot of expectations from each other, and if they are not able to fulfill, then it leads to divorce.

6. Lack of feelings:

When husband and wife do not have feelings for each other have no emotion And when there is no feelings and no emotion in the relationship, then it seems that the relationship is being dragged And that is also a big reason for getting divorced in India.

7. Lack of equality:

It means not to give equal status to each other. That you do not want to give the status of equality to each other, whether it is from the side of the wife or from the side of the husband. You want to suppress your wife or your husband, due to which there is no equality between the two, due to which their relationship reaches to divorce.

8.They don’t want to marry each other but get married because of family

Husband and wife do not feel like getting married, come under the pressure of the family and get married under the pressure of relatives. Due to which this relationship is called a forced relationship And such relationships mostly do not work and get divorced.

9. Emotional abuses:

husband and wife are using each other a lot, because of understanding each other, they insult each other Emotional torturing each other and due to this excess, their relationship deteriorates and the matter reaches to divorce. And this is the 9th main reason due to which divorce cases are increasing in India.

10. Family:

Due to lack of good relations with each other’s family Because of this, the relationship between husband and wife also does not get good. And many types of disputes arise in the family, due to which the husband and wife do not like to live with the family and because of this also their relationship ends.


And apart from this, education is the reason why people are becoming self-reliant, which is very good for our society, but at the same time ego also comes in them And this ego starts coming between husband and wife relationship and the matter reaches till divorce And this ego starts coming between husband and wife relationship and the matter reaches till divorce.

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