What is wrong when smoke comes through the ventilation system in your car?


So today we are going to talk many people must face this issue that comes in the vehicles of many people and people must have also faced this problem and have experienced this common issue,

and most of the mechanics charge a extra money for this.

So today's topic is that smoke comes out of our air vent  and people say that as soon as it is hot outside, then those people turn on ac vent, then smoke starts coming out of it. So it happens that  90% of the people who are like you and like me have 1st car then we feel that the gas is leaking of one or some other problem has happened in the xar. we have no idea do we feel like this. 

So you guys know this things that there is no relation of gas leaking with the smoke coming from the AC vent. If any mechanic tells you that your car’s AC vent gas is leaking then he is pulling you he wants money from you .So let me tell you its real issue that its real issue is with each this is directly related to heat so let me tell you the connection it has with the AC vent. If someone has studied physics then he will understand it quickly if you have not read and then I will explain.

It happens that whenever any cold things comes in contact with heat, then vapours are formed on it let’s assume if I mean ice the ice chamber that resides in the refrigerator and if we open the refrigerator then smoke comes out of it so it does not mean that the gas starts leaking from the refrigerator so it happens that it is hot outside and the temperature remains cold in the refrigerator so as soon as we open it , steam start coming out of it’s like smoke .

So the same incident also applies with our vehicle it happens that in the vehicle which is the pipe of our heater the conductor side which is the heater pipe and is the AC vent pipe and when we start AC than that vent pipe is very cold then 7 to 6 degree temperature and there is always coolant flow in heater pipe meaning it is getting very hot so it happens that if coolant comes in the contact of the coil due to speech then vapours are formed there.

  1. If the coil comes in contact with coolant then vapours are formed there and ,
  2. The second things has happened that the hot air which will be as hot as the temperature outside and moisture will remain with it and even when AC vent comes in contact with hot air it becomes vapours again because there is moisture in it too.

Next you will go to the mechanic and they will say that so you are ve girls gases delete and the Baldwinsville have to fill and he makes your food many you don’t not have to get caught in this thing,
so the first doubt that you should go over the coolant then how will your doubt of cooling will clear how how would you know if the colour of the coolant is different in each vehicle.

in the dash board of your car there you will find different types of water like running blue to becomes green or red in colour then understand that your vehicle is overheat.

and at the same time be same coolant is coming out of your AC went as a steam and the second is when there is hot air inside and start forming steam so smoke starts coming out of the vent and you will fill that there is some problem in my vehicle 

So don’t worry it’s normal

It is smoke comes out from the vent of your vehicle then you will automatically know that the light with your coolant will start burning ,or it is getting overheated then you just have to get the heater pipe checked there is no problem in AC vent.

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