The society went through number of shifts in attitude and behavior over the past 80 years and with all these shifts and transitions, the definitions, meanings, lifestyle etc. of people and the life events have also changes. There is change in the beliefs of the people and the meaning of marriage is also redefined and beliefs relating to marriage have also changed significantly. Marriage requires lifelong commitment and is dependent on an individuals fulfillment and satisfaction. With all these shifting’s, the stigma related with divorce has also been eliminated.

With the help of qualitative and quantitative studies it had been seen that there are number of reasons for divorce and some of the major reasons for divorce are lack of commitment, infidelity, and conflict/ arguing. And the most common final straw is domestic violence, infidelity and substance use. In recent decades, there is an increase in number of divorces. The increasing number of divorce is related to various social aspects.

  1. LACK OF PROPER COMMUNICATIONS : Communication is very important when we’re interacting with someone and bad communication can have many impacts on a marriage. It is important to clarify each other’s meanings and concerns, otherwise, it will lead into suspicion, mistrust and arguments and many times it can affect the marriage severely. Arguments in any relationship is not a bad thing and can have healthy results but they can have bad impacts due to lack of communication.
  2. LACK OF COMMITMENT : According to various studies, the major reason behind divorces is the lack of commitment. The commitment gradually erodes until there was not enough commitment for sustaining the relationship and also due to negative events such as infidelity.
  3. ABUSE : When there is abuse in a marriage or in a family then divorce is the best ending and result possible. In some cases it is the husband. While there are some spouses who are able to end and overcome abuse and sometimes with the help of involvement of in laws and elders, the issues can be solved. But everything depends on the attitude and mindset of the person in relationship.
  4. INFIDELITY : Infidelity is considered as a critical turning point in a destroying a relationship and majority of couples end their relationship if they are cheated and due to infidelity. In some cases it is also seen that couples overcome this challenge and find strength to stay together.
  5. ADDICTIONS : Addictions can be in many forms. It can be in the form of alcohol, gambling etc. In many cases it was found that the addicted partner can recover from it and the marriage can be continued but if there is no change and recovery from addictions then it is best for the spouse and children to separate and see if progress is possible. Depending on the circumstance, it can be decided what to do and when to do.
  6. WOMEN’S INDEPENDENCE : Women have become more independent over these years and they are no more dependent on anyone and are no more mere housewives. Women have now become financially, socially, physically and mentally independent and this affects the old aged mentality of many people who believed that women have only one function to play that is nurturing the family. Besides so much advancements, there are many people who have still been hesitant to see women’s progress. And there men who cannot see the progress of women. There are ego clashes which cause dissatisfaction in marriage and lead to divorce.

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