What’s happening in Afghanistan

On February 29,2020 , the U.S. government and the Taliban signed  a peace agreement after more then years of negotiation.

The war that has been going on for almost 20 years comes to an end.


It started with the attack of 9/11. After September 2001 , U.S. invaded Afghanistan to capture the master mind of the attack . Osama bin Laden , the leader of al-Qaeda’s was killed in that invasion.  The Taliban leaders relocated to southern Afghanistan and the border to Pakistan. From there , Afghanistan has been in control of UNITED STATE . U.S. Military and troops has been sent there to capture the area of Taliban.


 According to U.S. and Taliban agreement  ,  The withdrawal  of troop to be done by September 11.

U.S. force to withdraw approx. 8,500 troops within 135 days and complete a full withdrawal within fourteen months.

In agreement , The Taliban  promise to prevent territory from terrorist groups and they also promise to negotiate with Afghanistan government  in March 2020.

Result of negotiation between Taliban and Afghanistan government . The reason for disagreement between them due to timing of the release of Five thousand  Taliban prisoners.

Taliban wanted a release of prisoners before the agreement and The Afghan  government wanted it after the negotiation.

Afghan government itself was divided in two groups and lastly in February 2020, Ashraf Ghani declared president of election commission. His main rival chief Executive Officer Abdullah Abdullah declared himself as winner and held a parallel inauguration ceremony in March 2020.

 At currently Taliban has captured 90%  of the areas including Kabul.

 In conclusion ,the effect and consequences of this war will be suffered of the common man mostly women and children.   The nightmare will be haunting these people for long.

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