Who let the dogs out ?!

Often walking along the road, you see those cute eyes, furry beautiful souls, and you just can’t help but fall in love with them.You snuggle with them , give all your hugs and kisses to them, but often forget that they also need some food along with your love.

A recent judgment by Delhi High Court has been in the news for various reasons. For starters , the judgment has come as a relief for the animal lovers, who do their bit in taking care of the street dogs. Secondly , it has reminded us of our responsibilities as a human beings.

This pandemic has been tough not only for us but also for the animals. The only difference being, they cannot voice their pain.Many people can resonate with their pain and take out time to make sure that the street dogs in their locality don’t sleep on empty stomach.

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Delhi High court in its landmark judgment emphasized on RIGHT TO FOOD of the street dogs. Yes you heard right, just like human beings, animals too need food to survive. And the court through it’s judgment has made sure that the people living in the societies take up their responsibility to feed the dogs and take care of them.

After a long standing dispute between a Delhi resident ,who was also the plaintiff and the animal lovers who had been feeding the dogs in the colony near the former’s home, the court gave a judgment in favour of the dogs.Keeping in mind the concerns of the plaintiff too, the court also reiterated that proper care and caution should be taken while feeding the dogs ,as no harm or nuisance should be caused to other individuals in the locality. While ensuing one’s rights, make sure that it does not impinge upon others’ rights.

The court emphasised that ” Animals have a right under law to be treated with compassion ,respect and dignity.Their protection is moral responsibility of every citizen, government and non government organisations. The court has made the RWAs ( Registerd welfare associations ) to take up the responsibility to make sure that the street dogs in their respective territorial areas are fed and taken care of. They have to establish ” feeding areas” where the dogs need to be fed and tended and such areas should be such that are less or not frequented by people so as causing no nuisance to the people living in or near the locality.

Always keep a small pot filled with water right outside your house so that those adorable friends of yours never go thirsty.You can also chalk out a timetable with your friends, to feed the dogs turn by turn.

These dogs are on duty 24 X 7, guarding your house and the locality from suspicious strangers.In return they don’t ask for much. Keep showering them with your love and also some food everyday so that they know they are being cared for as they do for you.

The pandemic had surely made it much difficult for the dogs in the beginning to get food due to less movement of people due to the lockdown , but now with opening up of the places, don’t forget about the dogs ; they for sure have been locked out of the houses but don’t lock them out of your hearts.

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