Why mental health is important?

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Mental health is very interesting and underrated topic. People always care and think about their physical illness and usually cares about physical health. but mental health is as important as any other health issue. because without a good mental health, no one can be happy in their life.

According to WHO,” Mental health is state of well being in which the indivisual realizes his/her abilities”.it includes our emotional and social well being . it affects our thinking and how we react to a particular situation. but if these health issues are not taken seriously they can led to many serious diseases, such as depression. Any other person cannot predict or realize about your mental health because he cannot know what is going on in our mind, and the best way to overcome this problem is to share that problems with others. We can share it with our parents, brother ,sister or even friends ,if we are not comfortable with family members .

Factors that cause mental health problems

There can be many factors that are responsible for our mental health problem such as:-

1.Loneliness -it can be a factor of mental illness. neglecting a particular person , feeling him lonely everywhere can be a cause of mental illness.

2.Trauma or any bad experience of childhood: if a person has suffered a huge loss or have experienced any abuse or something else, it is very difficult for him to forgot it and move on. some move on with it but some are not able to forget it which led to mental illness.

3.genetics: mental illness can also be passed through genes. If a family member like father , grandfather or any other member has already experienced mental health problem, it can be passed into others.

4. Due to poverty or employment: mental problems can be also due to poverty in ones’ house or unemployment like if a young man has responsibility to feed his family members but he is not able to find a descent job, it can led to mental illness of that man.

5. a person having a long term physical health problem since many years can be affected by mental illness.

There are many other reasons of people having mental illness , one more reason nowadays is experienced by students due to studies and exam pressure. they are not able to cop up with that stress.

Different ways to overcome mental health issue:-

there are several ways to fight against mental illness some of the mare:-

1. Meditation : it is considered as a very powerful weapon against mental illness.

2.We should learn how to response to particular situation:- we should make our mind ready for any situation without panicking much. it will make our mind strong.

3. We should act wisely wherever our patience is tested and we should always avoid self criticism because it will have a adverse effect in our process to overcome mental health issue.

4. We should always surround ourselves with good people who understands us to whom we ca share our life problems and other things.

5. But if we are not able to cop up with it, we should immediately talk to family members and consult a doctor.

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