Why we still need to be careful.

The world has suffered from Corona virus from last year and it’s still recovering from it. Where many countries have came up with the vaccination and are trying their best to vaccinate the citizens many are still suffering from the virus and its different variants.

Among these only India also stands fighting the virus with all that the country can do. Where the government is trying to keep up with the vaccination process, at the same time at many places vaccines are still not available. On coming to registering for the vaccination, it becomes a hard task for common people to do that as the site comes as server down or there are no slots available for vaccination.

This all is happening when India still hasn’t came out of the impact of the second wave of corona that the country  faced. The  lockdown has just been lifted and there are claims about having a third wave around October as well.  While there are claims also made that it will be better control  this time but the pandemic will still be a public health threat for another year.

kid telling tourist to wear mask in viral video

The vaccination may provide some measure of immunity but according to different sources India has vaccinated only 5% of its total population, But experts have claimed that the vaccination will pick up speed and we will be able to provide vaccination to everyone.

Most of the states have took up the restrictions and have started preparing for the third wave. But there has been alarm raising things going on as the huge crowd can be seen in different states on different occasion.  There has been pictures of markets, parks and hill stations where crowd can be seen and people are enjoying the places without following the appropriate guidelines.

At the peak of its second wave India reported over 400000 new cases daily along with shortage of vaccine, hospital beds, medicines, oxygen. Over 380000 people have been reported dead due to corona so far.

Due to consistence news of corona variants that have been reported all over the world are also a subject of concern. The delta variant of the corona virus which was first identified  in India, is fast becoming the dominant variant globally due to its increased transmissibility.

We all need to be aware of the situation and need to follow the guidelines for sure. people need to get vaccination and be aware of the fact that it does not harm to people and it for our own good.

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stay healthy, stay safe.

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