Women empowerment implies that women are not powerful and should have to be powerful.  This painful truth has been in existence for a long long time. There is so many prohibited things for woman. A woman cannot vote also they cannot place their opinion. The patriarchal society suppressed women’s freedom across the world. Women were confined to their homes. As time progressed, they realised that their life meant much more than just serving in the household. As more and more women started crossing the man-made barriers, the world began to witness the rise of women. Unlike men, the women never try to stifle the voice of their opposite gender. They hold hands of all the downtrodden people – men and women both – and they pull them out of the misfortune as they themselves try to improve their lives.

The History of Woman Empowerment:

 The history of woman Empowerment was not started form a exact data, it is a cumulative process. There are so many movement , protest, revolutions that furthered the cause of woman empowerment much more speedily. As the time passed woman tried to make them powerful and lifted their position in the society. There were many suffrage movements that campaigned daily in support of women’s voting rights. In the US, individuals like Elizabeth Stanton and organisations like National American Woman Suffrage Association, National Woman’s Party played a key role in securing the voting rights for women. In the UK, the Women’s Social and Political Union aggressively campaigned for women’s suffrage. Financial problem is one cause of woman empowerment. However, at the same time many women in England were forced to work both in the workplace and in the household to support the family. After the Second World War women, by their own, chose to join the workforce. Today more and more jobs are opening up for women. Women are proving to be worthy of the designations assigned to them.

Woman empowerment cannot be successful if the woman of the rural area are not empowered. Today there are many female masons, bus drivers, petrol pump attendants, farmers etc. And all these women are doing their job extremely well.

Woman Empowerment In India:

Woman Empowerment of India is not same as other countries because in Vedic age Woman were highly respected. The word “SAHADHARMINI” was known from the Vedic days. But as time passed the Indian Culture became more containment by the conservative Middle Eastern and British Culture. As a result woman are loosed the respect and freedom that they were enjoyed.

After Independence woman started regaining their power. Now woman are in everywhere. Our Country seen woman PM, president. The country has many eminent woman sportsperson. Women are started joining in the Combat Forces without any hesitation.

However, there are many women in India who are still finding it hard to come out of the clutches of patriarchy – particularly in the rural sector. It is the duty of the empowered women to urge these women to raise voice, protest and seek help from the authorities.

Inequality And The Way Forward:

Today, more than ever, women are enjoying freedom. They can decide on their own. However, there is a long way to go. Women must protest against the use of religion to suppress them. Not all military positions are open to females. There is a wage gap in the film industry, in sports and in normal jobs. The women need to use their hard-earned power to banish all the injustices that they have been facing for time immemorial.

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