World Heritage

World heritages consist of all the heritage sites that were discovered around the world and the process of exploring and discovering never stops. Heritage is not only about discovering the monuments, civilizations etc but, it holds a special place from three perspective that is past, present, and future. Build in the past, heritage sites are of high value to study the history how people used to live, speciality of a civilization, discovery of unknown facts and so much more. At present research is done, the technology that we have today is advance that the scientist can easily study and preserve the rich heritage for many more years. In future, all the research and evidences the historic sites will turn ten times more valuable.

World heritage day

which is observed every year on 18th April , also known as world monuments and sites day, the purpose is to celebrate the rich heritage from around the world and create awareness about the same. As it is observed that many monuments and sites are need to be preserved from deterioration, we should not loose the heritage in the ongoing development process. Every year a theme is decided for World heritage day this year it was “Complex pasts: Diverse Future” .

International Council on Monuments and sites is the main body who is also behind all the work that takes place. Pierro Gazallo is the founder of ICOMOS, he is known for working to restore and preserve heritage sites and monuments it was established in the year 1979. ICOMOS gave the suggestion to UNESCO (United National Education, Scientific and Cultural Organisation) which was approved in the 22nd general conference in 1983.
Some of the world heritage sites are Ajanta and Elora caves, western Ghats, Sundarbans national park, Nanda Devi, and valley of flowers, Chola temples etc.
Komodo national park (Indonesia), Lut desert (Iran), Meteora (Greece), town of Bamberg (Germany), Levuka Port town (Fiji), Angkor (Cambodia), Brasilia (Brazil), Rainforest of Atsinanana (Madagascar), Chitwan National Park (Nepal) etc.

Recently in news Liverpool lost its status of world heritage site, the reason was the massive construction that occurred around the place despite several warnings issued by UNESCO, the construction includes building complex, Moore Dock Stadium, and offices. The act of removal of a world heritage site is very rare and disgraceful for the country as they failed to protect a heritage site.
The heritage sites and monuments are chosen after the recommendation of ICOMOS and IUCN (International Union of Conservation of Nature) for natural sites.
However, UNESCO has laid down some criteria to declare a monument or site heritage which includes:
• a place represents genius human creativity
• A place that shows human interaction with nature and showcase culture.
• A place that illustrates significant stages of human history.
• A place that showcases earth’s history in any geographical form.
• A place with an exceptional cultural feature or tradition.
• A place that displays biological diversity and is valuable for conservation of nature or any species.
• A place of human settlement that shows use of natural resources to study the life of people.

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