“Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not every man’s greed.” ― Mahatma Gandhi

July 28 is celebrated as “World’s Nature Conservation Day” and reminds us that healthy environment is the foundation of a stable and productive society. This day is observed every year and is celebrated to educate people about the best techniques and practices adopted in different areas of the world to protect and preserve our natural resources as our planet has limited amount of resources left but the reliance on these resources is increasing day by day. This day aims to create and increase the awareness about the importance of natural resources and environment. It shows how we can live sustainably. This day encourages the people to save and protect the natural resources of earth because they are depleting in a rapid rate and are getting exploited and even misused.

This day recognizes that a healthy environment is the most vital part of stable and productive society. And sustainable practices are important for maintaining this stability and this environment for the future generations as well. The day reminds us about our responsibility as the child of the planet and urges us to be responsible and practice sustainable living practices and bring small changes in our lifestyle which can bring sustainability in our life style and lives. This day motivates us to find alternatives which could decrease our dependency on the natural resources.

This day ensures sustainability of present and future generation. How can we help in conserving the nature ? Lets have a look!

  1. WATER CONSERVATION: Everything starts from home and can be done by using less water while showering and bathing. By practicing Rain water harvesting methods in home to reduce our dependency on other water sources and rely on rain water without wasting it. It is important to conserve water because it is estimated that 2050 we may run out of water.
  2. PLANTING OF TREES : This helps in preventing soil erosion and promoting greenery. Home gardening, kitchen garden etc. can be practiced at home and at any scale for planting trees. Green roof is also one such initiative which helps in promoting greenery at homes. Spending few minutes in planting and amid nature can greatly promote mental well being too.
  3. WASTE MANAGEMENT : Reduce, reuse and recycle waste. Practice rainwater harvesting and using wastewater treatment plants for treating the waste water. This waste water when treated can be used in landscaping purpose. Organics can also be used.
  4. SUSTAINABLE COMMUNICATION : Sustainable communication can help in reducing the carbon footprint and lessen the pollution. It is good if people use public transport and sustainable modes of transport while commuting to different places as fewer vehicles will ensure lesser pollution.
  5. Reduce your electricity consumption; switch off electrical appliances when not in use, or every time you walk out of a room.
  6. REDUCE PAPER USE : Saving papers means saving trees and in todays digital age, all the devices are capable of taking notes which saves the need of print outs.
  7. AVOID SINGLE USE OF PLASTIC : The plastics which we are using are getting discharged into the oceans and grasslands or forests etc. which is destroying the lifeforms, ecosystem as well as the natural resources. Single use plastic consumption has increased during the pandemic and the amount of gloves and face masks being used is also increasing. Landfills are getting filled with the large amount of plastics which is polluting the environment.

The main objective of the day is to be live, promotive consciousness and mindful living. The aim is reduce overexploitation of resources and reduce the non-essential travel and play our part of role in building a sustainable future.

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