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As we are blessed (cannot say) with the reboot to the legendary teen show, Gossip Girl, this girl just dived into the world of Manhattan’s elite teenagers and since I like to judge, I am going to judge, I mean review it. Binge re-watching the show that came out in 2007 I found nostalgic. Though G.G came out in the 2007s, I didn’t watch it till the 2014s, almost 7 years later, and yet this Gossip girl had so many of my friends hooked with scandals, drama, betrayal in their lavish life.

However, since now I have rewatched it, I have a lot to say about this show.

So hold on tight for this crazy judgemental ride, xoxo.

The series which lasted for almost 5 years and 6 seasons, revolved around the Upper East Side of New York teenagers each blessed with fortune so huge that the entire world would be saved, however since it’s all fiction, the world can be saved by some other way. Each rich kid was the same person with different faces, all pretentious, rude and had horrible fashion taste. Whoever, I mean whoever was the fashion director for this show, please show your face. Into all this was an outsider called Dan Humphrey whose parents are rich but not like the others, I mean how expensive can a huge penthouse in Brooklyn cost? I looked it up and it’s around 3 million. Living in a 3 million Brooklyn penthouse? cannot relate.

The rich kids ie. Serena Van Der Woodsen whose name is as wonderful as it sounds is an absolute understatement of how wonderful her life is, Nathaniel Archibald another rich kid whose life is being turned upside down, Blair Waldorf an absolute Queen B whose entire life needs to her dominating or wanting to rule over others (can someone tell Blair that the British Rule is over and it’s so 1900s to want to be a princess) and Charles Bass, who someone goes by the name of ‘Chuck’ an absolute horrendous nickname. Chuck Bass has just one ionic script,’ I am Chuck Bass’ as being a son of a multibillionaire allows you to use such a corny line.

* If you haven’t watched this series and are planning to, there are spoilers ahead so just maybe skip it *

The series starts with Serena spotted at the Upper Eastside train station after her mysterious disappearance to visit her brother who has had mental health issues and was put into rehab. Serena mysterious disappearance is said to be the result of a one night stand with her best friend’s boyfriend, Nate Archibald, however later a secret comes out. The reappearance of Serena causes Blair to be uncertain about her relationship with Nate, as he has feelings for Serena. So thus starts an entire series worth of, ‘whose in love with whom’. As Serena is banished from her friends, she and Dan Humphrey who is known as a lonely boy start hanging out and falling in love. Meanwhile, Chuck is living his best bachelor life, while hopelessly being in love with Blair. Nate and Blair break up and so the toxic relationship between Chuck and Blair started. Throughout the entire series which revolves around the life of the above mentioned, along with their family members who just keep digging themselves in newer and deeper and fancier graves, each which can be covered with money, connections or blackmail. With all the news of their scandal coming out through a blog called, ‘Gossip girl’ whose entire blog revolves on the above mentioned teenagers and who has an famous line too (shocker!) which goes like, xoxo Gossip girl. At the end of the series, the gossip girl is revealed to be someone they know (again shocker!).

After 2 weeks of putting through myself through this show, I can say it was sheer self-induced torture. I can say that I do have some views, some horrible views.

This show just shows us the epitome of self-centeredness, pretentiousness, self-righteousness and trying to prove that, ‘money can buy you anything’ point. The show also lacked diversity and representation. The show which wanted to portray friendship,but fell short, as not all friendships turn into relationships. Friendships about being there for each other, though this show did that. It’s also about being able to be your true self, watching movies, fooling with each other. It’s not above bringing down each other, it’s not about business. All the relationships shown in the shown were nothing worth swooning over, with infatuation being the centre and toxic relationships shown as games and plots played against each other. The Chuck and Blair relationship seemed so forced and the Prince coming into the picture with the whole lock you away in a castle plot just seemed too clich├ęd. The characters development wasn’t good. In season 5, we see a new Blair, the one who isn’t so stuck up about money or social hierarchy. The only worthy relationship that seemed to be any good was Blair Waldorf with Dan Humphrey, however, she goes back to the so-called toxic love of her life. Serena just seemed very rude in so many scenes, it seemed that only Dan could bring out the good in her. Nate Archibald also finds himself in new different scandals, mostly related to relationships, drugs and family. I feel like the show, showed us that capitalism is okay, and if we want a lavish life, the only way we can get is through nepotism or marrying rich or work so hard that we don’t have proper family relationships.

However, this doesn’t mean that show is not good, it’s a good one-time binge-able show. Through the entire show, you can compare your life to theirs and thank everyone in your family for not being shallow, conniving people.

See you next time with another scandalous review, xoxo!

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