4 Mysterious places that one must visit!


Have you ever been curious regarding something mysterious or extraordinary? Do you like to wander into the woods, or a place which has its own unexplainable aura? Have you ever wanted to explore the place where you could actually experience Sherlock Holmes in real life?


If yes, then here are the most 4 interesting and mysterious places that you would love to visit which could quench your thirst for curiosity, adventure and can awaken your inner detective as well!


1. Chamoli: The lake of skeletons

Roopkund Lake is located in Uttarakhand. This lake represents tragedy , melancholy and despair. About 300-600 skeletons can be seen beneath this frozen lake  every year when the ice melts. According to , the radiocarbon tests and forensics results state that the corpses date back to 15th century!

The residents believe that the corpses might be of the king and queen of Kanauj, who were on their way to pilgrimage but they died in this lake because of the heavy hailstorm.


2.  " No Door village”: Houses of Shani Shingnapur

Shani Shignapur is a small village in Maharashtra located 35 km away from Ahmednagar. In this place, no building, houses, schools and shops have doors! The mysterious fact about this village is that in spite of doors not being there, no single crime or theft has occurred or committed!


People residing in the village believe Lord Shani from the core of their heart and they also believe that it is due to his blessings that there is zero crime rate in the village!


 3. " Cursed Rock” at Shivapur

The Hazrat Qamar Shrine is listed among the extraordinary places in India as well. It is famous for its special rock that weighs 70 kg and can only be carried via single method. 

Eleven people are required to gather around the rock and they have to chant the name of the saint loudly who cursed the rock and then the rock rises up in the air magically. The rock could not be lifted by any other methods no matter how effective those methods were!  


4.  Malappuram Mystery!

Malappuram village is known for its large number of twin births . As soon as one enters in to the village, one can see twins or triplets everywhere! According to Travel Triangle, The village is currently home to over 200 pair of twins and two sets of triplets!  Moreover, the women who marry a person outside the village bear twins or triplets too!

According to doctors, the possible reason behind this mysterious situation might be due to the chemicals present in the water in that village. The village is also known as Kodinhi.










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