Co-operation is the Development of the Country


The proverb "Unity is Propitious" is something we all know. Nehru said that "Co-operation" was the first step necessary for people to achieve equality. In this article we will look at the benefits of such a co-operation in detail.

Co-operation - Introduction

The purpose of the cooperative is to fully realize the "Single tree makes no forest". The co-operative system was introduced in India by Frederick Nicholson Betts. He is also hailed as the "Father of the co-operative movement in India". The law for these co-operative systems first came into force in India in 1940. It was in 1940 of the same year that the first co-operative movement was started in the village of Tirur in the Thiruvalluvar district.

The Movement and Purpose of the Co-operative

The work of the co-operative began to run with activities similar to those for towns and villages. They operate in the villages as the Primary Agricultural Cooperative Bank, the Central Cooperative Bank and its branches. Similarly in the cities Arbor Co-operative Bank and Labor Co-operative Bank are functioning. As such, there are more than 125 branches of the Co-operative Bank operating throughout Tamil Nadu. Similarly, there are about 4,600 start-up agricultural cooperative banks and about 23,000 co-operative banks.

The symbol, like the joining of the two hands of the co-operative societies, can be felt emphasizing their policy of uniting for the good of the people. 

Benefits of Co-operation

The truth is that "United we stand, divided we fall". The benefits that people get from doing so are many. Poor farmers are able to benefit as start-up agricultural co-operative banks use a number of options, including five-year plans, to improve agriculture. Thus, the co-operation not only provides quality milk to all through dairy farms, but also benefits those who depend on cows. Similarly, the co-operative helps in earning a good income in the rural business of Kadar. The co-operative helps sugar mills, fertilizer companies and fishermen at various levels.

It is no exaggeration to say that the co-operative is a good friend of the people who helps to diversify the various industries including the farmers who have taken loans through the co-operative. If the town is pulled together, how many big chariots will come and get the beauty. The rise of the country is due to the co-operation that extends from the village to the town to help any poor simple people live upright. Let us rise and let our country rise! Long live the co-operation! Its missions to develop!

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