Computer - History, Advantages, Disadvantages


Today's 21st century is the 'Scientific age'. Our computer is the first of all technologies here. It is important to explore the pros and cons of such a computer in this article.

History of the Computer

The Chinese 'Abacus' device is considered to be the first stage of the computer. The electronic computer was invented in 1824 by Dr. Alan Turing. The computer we are accustomed to today was invented in 1944 by Dr. Howard Aiken, a professor at Harvard University. This was followed by the creation of the supercomputer in 1976. It is noteworthy that today's sophisticated computers have undergone a variety of changes over a period of about four decades.

Types of Computer

Computers are in use in many different fields depending on the functions of the computer. They are computers such as analog, digital computers and hybrid computers. Computers that came after the first generation had the power to combine the functions of the first generation. Not only these but also computers for calculations for general business records are in use Computer.

 Advantages of the Computer

In the days to come, it will be difficult for us to do anything without a computer. It plays an important role in the medical field from the detection of pathogens to surgery. In nuclear industries it has become necessary to realize all the techniques from earth to space. In agriculture it is sensitive to the quality of the soil to the quality of the seed. The rule of the computer at home. We can go on and on about the need and benefits of computer in all fields like Police and Astrology. 

Disadvantages of the Computer

Lifestyle is a mixture of good and evil. There is good and bad in the use of all objects, not just life. Similarly, there is a risk of 'Virus' in the computer. And makes man lazy. Theme minded people use the computer today for various evil.

We will only benefit from the  computer by seeking actions that will benefit this computer in a good way home and country! Let's get well!

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