An examination can be conducted via oral, written, or digital medium. However, it can be a stress for students, and some students get afraid and anxious just by hearing the name of exams. This is because they have the pressure to perform well in the examination.

Examination’ is derived from the Latin word “examinare” which means ‘to test something’. The English word ‘examination’ refers to a formal study of one’s proficiency level in knowledge or skill.

The first commonly known instance of examinations taking place occurred in China. It was the first time standardized testing of aptitude level was introduced. This model was later adopted by England and Europe. It proved quite beneficial in terms of military recruitment and certification. Later, this practice was applied in all fields of knowledge. Its importance is felt quite adequately in the strength it granted to each field. By withstanding tests and exams, a field was deemed respectful and worthy of pursuit.

Examinations are quite crucial in assessing one’s abilities. They are a means by which a person’s knowledge of their respective field can be assessed. They serve as a rite of passage, allowing students to discover their talents and skill. Exams are a necessary evil of sorts. They ensure that a person is quite capable of performing their assigned tasks in their professions. For instance, the public would prefer the justice system were governed by an educated judge instead of an illiterate one.

  • Examinations are tests that aim to determine the ability of a student.
  • Examinations — the only way to judge the achievement of students.
  • In the present system percentage of marks puts great pressure and tension on students.
  • Entrance tests are held for admission to Universities and Colleges.
  • In the present system, probable questions are drawn up and their answers mugged up — examinations do not test the real merit.
  • Semester system, monthly or weekly tests should be introduced — this would improve the system and lessen the tension and stress.
  • But teachers — the examiners — should be just and honest and impartial.
  • The gradation system instead of the percentage system can also be a better system.
  • At the Public Service Examinations, examiners should sit together, discuss every question, and the requirement of an answer for determining the percentage. Checks and counter checks are necessary for the process.
  • Examinations will have to go on — the system has no replacement for the present.

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