how COVID change my life

Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) has had a global effect on people’s lifestyles. Many people have become physically inactive and developed irregular eating patterns, which leads to unhealthier lifestyles and aggravation of lifestyle-related diseases; these, in turn, increase the severity of COVID-19. 

The outbreak of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), which occurred in China in December 2019, was declared a global pandemic by the World Health Organization in March 2020 and has rapidly spread all over the world, including Japan. The first COVID-19 case in Japan was identified on January 15, 2020, and private companies subsequently started to introduce a remote working policy prior to official stay-at-home recommendations issued on February 20. Schools were closed on March 2 and on April 7, a state of emergency was declared, and stay-at-home requests were extended.

Colleges, Universities, and schools are closed with no certainty as to when they will be open. Though there is a need to adopt new changes in the education system. Technology has become a life saver for the students in this time. There are several sets of guidelines and plans issued by the government.

Then started the new form to continue with classes i.e ONLINE platform. No idea when we are sleeping when we are eating when we are getting up when we are playing? We get up in the morning with the link to join the class. This situation is very painful to all the students There is a lot of students who didn’t have the resources for online classed and E-leanings. They are struggling to obtain the gadgets required for online learnings. Listening to lectures online is much more different from how we were copying from the board where the teacher used to write. Frequent disconnection, blurred videos are hardly connected a student from the teacher to the topic they are covering on.

We were not aware of how this situation came up but we have to deal with this together. Updating the infrastructure and thinking about the students who can’t afford the education due to the loss of their parents’ jobs and many other reasons can be helpful. Besides building the digital infrastructure, training has to be given to the teachers to use those infrastructures and to provide authentic and seamless education to the students of India. Successful delivery of education is important because learning from a digital platform is far more different than learning in the classroom.


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