How to Win Friends and Influence People Book Summary

Book Name : How to Win Friends and Influence People

Author Name : Dale Carnegie

Year of Publication : 1936

There is a famous proverb. "Tell me who your friend is, and I will tell you who you are." Adding friends who can stand by us is an art. In 1936 Dale Carnegie, a famous public speaker, wrote a book on how to make such good friends. The title of the book is " How to Win Friends and Influence People." The book has sold nearly 30+ million copies since its publication. To date, the book has been ranked 19th on Times Magazine's 100 Most Influence Books list.

We are going to know about such a famous book. It can be said that this book is the beginning of self development. This book has made a changes in the lives of many. 

You can learn an 8 things by reading this book. What they are,

1. Come out of present self and get new thoughts and visions

2. How to farm a team easily

3. Increase popularity

4. Become a great Influencer

5. Increase your influence level on others

6. Learn how to handle complaints and deal with conflicts

7. Learn how to have a better conversation with others

8. Influence other to work with you

You can achieve the above 8 things by reading this book. Not only this but there are a lot of things in this book.

This book has a total of 32 chapters. Author holds this as a 4 part. 

PART I - Fundamental Techniques in Handling People

As we learn what is being said in this part, we will begin to interact properly with others. When we interact like that, we develop a respect among the people.

PART II - Six Ways to Make People Like You

Author has said here a 6 things for others to like us or for others to look at us and be impressed in this part. Why is it said that First Impression is the Best Impression. Always a lot of people will think we are like this when they see us. So he has explained how to make us believe when others see us or how to create best impression on us when they see us.  

PART III - How to Win People to Your Way of Thinking

Author has clearly stated in this part how to bring others our way. Some of the important things that Arthur has said in this are that we can never win a debate. Because it's not a problem if you are arguing for proof in a discussion. But to those who argue that what I am saying is right author says that it is difficult for us to win. And in this part he has said many things about how we are creating our enemies, how to avoid it, and how to make others like us.

PART IV - Be a Leader : How to Change People Without Giving Offense or Arousing Resentment

Author has told us how to be a leader and how to bring people our way in this part. Sometimes there will be some arguments between us and those who follow us. It explains how to say it without offending them. If you are a team leader or manager in a company, the steps mentioned in this part will be very helpful to make your team do what you think.

Author has said a lot about things like this in this book. That is, no one likes to accept someone's order. So he has said very clearly about everything from how we indirectly command someone and how to get them to do the work we need for us.

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