Is being sensitive a serious crime?

 Ever felt like being sad for long period of time? Ever felt like that someone said they loved you but you got disappointed when their reaction changed when you showed your true self?  Has anyone said that your behavior has a problem  just because you cried a lot or you are too emotional or sensitive ? 


Often there are times when we all just accustomed to hear these things. We think that we are the sole problem. We just all want to run away , somewhere far far away and never return back. Sometimes we just becomes hopeless , helpless and feel more and more worthless. Some sense of  abandonment never leaves us. It reacts like a scar in the heart. A scar or I would say a wound that could bleed anytime. 



Through this blog, I want to make every sensitive boy or girl who thinks deeply, feels deeply and reacts deeply that you are just beautiful the way you are. In this world, there might be very few or  no one that could understand you deeply but that doesn't mean you are abnormal. It is alright to feel like that!

Its okay for you all to feel suffocated, abandoned and lonely. Its okay if you get too much angry, or feel very very sad or feel very disappointed. For anyone your pain and hurt could be small but always remember the hurt which stings your heart is never small! 

Knowing about Sensitivity

According to Cambridge Dictionary, " Sensitivity" means :


Interesting facts about Highly Sensitive People!


1. They have very deep intuition

The ability to think in depth regarding anything, to feel anything in depth and to figure things out in depth makes them unique.                                                                               

2. Their emotions are amplified

As highly sensitive people feel deeply regarding the incidents which happened to them, they are more compassionate and empathetic towards people facing the similar situation. They can assess the mood very easily and are very good at handling people emotionally.



3. They are very cautious people

Highly Sensitive People are very cautious by nature. Whenever they have to make any decision, they will keep in mind the tiniest detail and then those tiniest details will play a very crucial role in making the final decision.


For them, every situation is deep and therefore, they list down all the pros and cons and with regards to people too, they deal with other people’s emotions very carefully and utmost empathy after considering their pros and cons.

4. It is not necessary that highly sensitive people are introverts

It is not necessary that all highly sensitive people are introverts by nature. According to a research about 30% of people who are highly sensitive are extroverts.

According to Dr. Aron, that highly sensitive people who are extroverts are probably because they were brought up in a close-knit social environment where exposure and interaction with other people is unavoidable.

5. They are excellent team members

Highly sensitive people can play as a beneficial team member and a professional worker because they process the situations and ideas in depth. 


6. They are well-behaved

According to Dr. Aron, highly sensitive people are highly conscientious and therefore, they are more likely to act considerately towards others and display excellent manners.



Finally, I would like to say that everyone is unique and beautiful in their own way. Don't be influenced by others and always accept yourself and stay true to yourself !


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