Rain Water Harvesting

It is a scientific fact that living things on earth exist only because of water and air. If rainwater is not stored, the earth will soon face a drought. Only if rainwater is stored will water be available from the ground whenever needed. Let’s see a little bit about rain water harvesting here.

Rainwater Harvesting?

We need drinking water. Drinking water is available only from rain water. But, rainwater is not always available. So man is storing rainwater and injecting it into the ground and using the groundwater for drinking purposes.

Rainwater Harvesting During the Monarchy  

The work of all the kings who ruled the earth was to cut the rivers and create ponds and lakes. They created ponds, puddles, and lakes in low-lying areas to prevent water from flowing into the sea during the rainy season, and rivers were connected to each other to protect them from extinction. They raised the quality of groundwater. They always made water available for agriculture.

If Rainwater is Not Stored

U.S. scientists are announcing that "Southern India could become a desert in twenty years" if rainwater were not absorbed from the ground as it is today." Due to the monsoon in the last few years, Tamil Nadu has experienced a severe drought. Famine and starvation will be rampant without water for agriculture. Crops and livestock are prone to disaster when it does not rain. The trees wither and the onslaught of heat without air is very cruel. 

By saving rainwater

1. The quality and quantity of groundwater will increase.

2. The plant, the vine, the trees will sprout. 

3. Agriculture will prosper.

4. There will be no flooding or drought.

5. All kinds of businesses will grow. 

Modern Rainwater Harvesting System

There is no substitute for the fact that rainwater is very clean, tasty and healthy. But it gets dirty and polluted. So the unpolluted rainwater that falls on the roofs of buildings can be collected in a water tank through a pipe. Modern and simple rainwater harvesting is then done by simply pouring it through peat, sediment, baked bricks and filtering it into open outdoor wells or deep wells. In addition, the best way to collect rainwater is to dig, deepen and clean the lakes and ponds on behalf of the government, rather than trading them for residential areas.

We will all save rainwater by realizing that water is essential for living things to survive in the world. We will enrich life. We will act by realizing that the raindrop of the sky is the drop of life in the soil.

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