Review of THE 5 AM CLUB Book Summary

Book Name : THE 5 AM CLUB

Author Name : Robin Sharma

Year of Publication : 2018

By the time we turn off the alarm in the morning here and go to sleep, on the other hand the biggest World Class Business Leaders, Sports Persons, Entrepreneurs will be starting their day. They make some effort and do something special in their mornings. That’s why they are at the peak of their lives. 

This book is very clear on what ordinary people like them need to do to make progress. Author Robin Sharma has written very clearly in this 5AM Club book what to do when you get up at 5am. In this article we are going to know the summary of this book. Let's start reading.

In this book he talks about three things and divides those three things into several parts and wonders what is special about waking up at 5 p.m. 

Those three things are, 

1. Use 20/20/20 Formula

2. The Four Interior Empire

3. Habit Installation Protocol

1. Use 20/20/20 Formula

Author says our first hour after waking up in the morning is the Most Worth and Important Hour. He calls this hour "Victory Hour." This hour can be divided into three parts.

  •  Move
  •  Reflect
  •  Grow

For the first 20 minutes we need to exercise. I.e. High Intensity Workout. Doing so is our Energy and Focus Increase. Scientifically speaking, there is a chemical release in our brain called BDNF. BDNF stands for Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor. This will increase our focus and reduce the stress level. In addition, the newest neural connections in the brain is Increase. So it will be very helpful to increase our focus and thinking power.


Reflect for the next 20 minutes. In this step we need to isolate ourselves and get to know ourselves. Then we need to plan what we want to do on this day. Doing so will keep our focus on our work without becoming distracted. So we will be busy whole day. We can stay away from unnecessary distractions. During these 20 minutes we can meditate or pray. Doing so will give us a clarity on our lives. This will be very helpful in taking the right decision for the whole day. 


Finally grow in the last 20 minutes. That means gain Knowledge. We can read books that may be in our field. Otherwise read the biographies of the great men. That too can be done by listening to audio books or watching motivational videos. We must keep doing something every day to develop our knowledge. By doing this we will be much more advanced compared to our competitors. 

2. The Four Interior Empire

We must spend our precious time equally on these four things if we are to be happy in our lives. What they are,

  • Mind Set
  • Heart Set
  • Health Set
  • Soul Set

*Mind Set*

We can learn many things to improve our mind set by watching motivational videos, podcasts and using the strategies that can be told in it. But by doing so we can only achieve 25% of our goal. 

*Heart Set*

It is connected with our emotional life. We can not make the right decision just because our mind set is strong. We also need to be strong in our emotional lives. Emotional life is the connection that friends, family, relatives can have with them like this. Only if we are strong in emotion will it be easy for us to make any decision in our life.

*Health Set*

No matter how much money and property we have, if our physical health is not good it is all waste. Health is essential to providing a legacy for those who depend on us after we die.

"You cannot make a good business if you are dead."

That is why world top successful people place importance on their health.

*Soul Set*

This is something very important. In our lives we are running after unwanted material thoughts. In this running we forget who we are. We have completely forgotten what we need in our lives to be happy. The only way author says to improvise the Soul Set is through meditation and prayer.

3. Habit Installation Protocol

Our Author says in this book that we need 66 days to accept a habit. He has divided this into three stages.

  • Destruction Phase
  • Installation Phase
  • Integration Phase
*Destruction Phase*

At this stage first 22 days one has to destroy a bad habit and implement a good habit. This is the most difficult part of all three stages. Our will power must be very high to do this. We need to keep motivating ourselves over and over again.

*Installation Phase*

The next 22 days will be totally irritating for us. Thought appear that this is why we need to do this. The thought appears that we can leave this. But we should not quit there. We have to go through those 22 days somehow to boost our self-confidence. 

*Integration Phase*

This will make it easier for all of us. After this we do not need an alarm to wake up at 5am. Looking at the next one we get to the point where we can tell why these people are sleeping so long.

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