Review of book: Think like a monk

Think like a Monk By Jay Shetty: Jay Shetty is an Indian-English author, former monk, and life coach.

This book revolves around the problems which  a human being faces everyday, from their 9to5 jobs, stress ,depression etc.

Jay shetty has written it so beautifully that you can relate to your life and remedies for it which gives you a new perspective of life

One of the bestsellers in India and other countries let's see what are the context of the book should you read it?or not

What I learnt from this book-

1.Nothing is permanent in life not even you, life goes on with people you love or without the people you love
2.Never get back to your past it'll only degrade your mental state
3.Meditate expect 0 from everyone expectation hurts
4.Hustle for your self you got only one life
5.How to overcome from your negativity and fears negativity degrades your life and your mental state you start to feel low every time

6.Purpose of life,if you have a human life everyone has a purpose so he was born on this Earth we have to find the purpose, reason to live and sustain ourselves


Life is all about up and downs you can't control it sometimes it's sunny sometimes it's storm but it depends on us how we face it how we can live with it without losing ourselves, people comes in ourlife teaches us and leave we can't hold onto anyone but what can we hold is the purpose for which they come. So Find your purpose in life 

If you are lost in this world read it you'll find yourself (4.5/5) recommended

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