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Today I’ll be mentioning the hardworking
and determined life of one the greatest player of Indian Team Virat “THE RUN

Virat Kohli is a right-handed top-order
batsman, the stylish good-looking captain is considered one of the best batsmen
in the world. He was born on 5 November in 1988 into a Punjabi family in Delhi.

to Virat’s family, Virat was nearly 3-year old when he used to pick up a bat
and start swinging it as well as asking his father to bowl to him.
Kohli was raised in Uttam Nagar, Delhi and studied in Vishal Bharti Public
School there. In 1998, The West Delhi Cricket Academy was created and Kohli was
a part of it. He was just 9-year old boy that time, he was coached by Rajkumar
Sharma. His coach told in a interview – “Virat used to practice in a group of
small kids of his age, but he always wanted 
to practice with a group of seniors practicing on the other side there”.

King Kohli is the kohl on the eyes of
Indian cricket. He has been an outstanding batsman and is being rated as the
best in the business in world cricket in present.
also used to play matches for Sumit Dogra academy in the Vasundhara enclave
near Noida. Virat was the caption of the Indian under 19 cricket world cup
He also represented Delhi in the Ranji trophy for the
first time in 2006.
His talent and consistency earned him
a place in the Indian cricket team after becoming captain his exceptional
leadership skills brought triumph and glory to our country to date he has
scored more than 20,000 runs in international cricket and 68 centuries?

has been the recipient of several prestigious awards such as the Arjuna Award
in 2013 the Padma Shri in 2017 and the Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna in 2018.

So, at the age of 9 Kohli enrolled in west
Delhi cricket academy. And his coach identified the spark in the young boy that
is Virat Kohli and he took to professional training quite seriously and thought
of all the different techniques.

Virat also became the greatest Indian
captain in Test cricket with 27 test wins, 12 overseas test wins and highest
winning percentage as captain in both Tests and ODIs. Kohli was ranked eighth
in ESPN's list of world's most famous sportspeople in 2016.[6] Virat is the
only current player to have a stand named after him in Delhi Firoz Shah Kotla
stadium to honour his immaculate contributions to Indian cricket.
Kohli is an inspiration and a role model for the youth today. We have seen his
growing maturity, his consistency, and his leadership abilities.
Kohli is captain of the Indian National Cricket Team – ODI and Test.

is very supportive for young players. He is well known today and appears in
regularly on newspaper and television. Kohli is a very talented and wonderful
player that I like.

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