The Scout Movement

Student hood is a time of honoring. One of the student organizations that helps is The Scout Movement. Let’s think about that a bit here.

Background, Origin and Development

The Scout Movement originated in South Africa. The Boer War took place. The city of Mafeking ( now called Mahikeng ) was surrounded. The task of guarding the city was entrusted to Robert Baden-Paul. He co-founded many of the 12- to 17-year-olds. He taught them the lessons of patriotism, virtue, companionship, first aid, collective responsibility, living according to circumstances, and understanding the gestures of others. He was involved in espionage, Won.

Swami Vivekananda said, "Give me 100 energetic young men and I shall transform India." Similarly, the Scout Movement, founded in South Africa by Robert Baden-Paul with twenty young men, is growing like a tree with millions of ideal volunteers in many countries around the world today. 

The Scout Movement in India

The Scout Movement was started by Annie Besant long before Indian independence. After the liberation of India, it became known as the The Bharat Scouts and Guides. There are two divisions in this movement: Boy scouts and Girl scouts.

Pledges and Terms

The scout boy must make these promises.

1. I will fulfill my duties to god, the king, the mother, the father, and the elderly.

2. I will be ready to help others.

3. I will abide by the laws of the scout movement.

The scout's salutation with three fingers signifies these promises.

There are ten rules. They are,

1. Being Honorable: A scout should not deviate from the truth, no matter what trials may befall him. 

2. Devotion: Must have devotion to God, devotion to Guru etc.

3. Benevolence: Always be ready to help others. The goal of this campaign is to 'be ready'. If he is healthy, he can harm others. He also need to know how to give first aid to the injured.

4. Brotherhood: Everyone should be treated as a brother. Caste should be secular. The poor should not discriminate between the rich. 

5. Treat everyone with respect.

6. Compassionate attitude

7. Self-control

8. Courage 

9. Have thrift.

10. Requires purity of mind, vote, action.


As students join the army, they will develop qualities such as devotion to God, love, humility, respect, discipline, generosity, and benevolence and will be good to their parents and others. Will provide first aid to the injured. Will organize meetings. Will do many more favors.

All students should take part in such a charitable charity and engage in charitable work for the country.

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