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Top 8 solutions to reduce Global Warming !


As discussed, Global
warming is the process of increase in the temperature near the

 earth’s surface.
The process has been observed over centuries and has extremely

 disturbed the
weather and climatic conditions of the earth. 


Has anyone wondered about
how we as people can do little things in order to save our

 mother earth?  Mentioned below are top 8 solutions to combat
global warming:

1. Use fluorescent bulbs:  Use compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs as
such bulbs are

 more energy efficient and consume less than 70% as compared to ordinary
bulbs. These

 bulbs have a longer life as compared to ordinary bulbs.



2. Adopt Carpooling:  Global
warming can also be reduced if you chose to drive less. One can adopt the
option of carpooling or cycling. Both of the methods will keep you fit. Not
only your fuel will be saved but the fumes generated by the largest
contributors that is oil and gasoline would be reduced and it would be a huge
step in reducing energy wastes.


3. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Use eco- friendly products and try to reduce small
amount of waste by not buying new products.


Reuse plastic
containers, old newspaper, bottles, cardboard boxes, any yogurt cups, bread
ties, and other items. By doing this you won’t need to buy new products as the
old ones can equally perform the same function well and your expenses would
also be reduced. One can also reuse disposable products in order to preserve


unwanted paper, bottles, tables, furniture,
aluminum foils, cans, newspapers
etc. This step would not only reduce landfills but it will also help in
preserving environment. This could also help in reducing global warming.

4. Avoid Overly Packaged Products:  Buying overly packaged products would only result in increase in
waste. This is because one generally throws packaging away as a garbage which will
then fill landfill sites with more waste and harm the environment. Thus,
encourage people to not to buy overly packaged products.

5. Plant trees: Contribution
to greenery by planting trees would not only nurture the

 environment but it would
act as a major contributor in reduction of global warming.



6.  Regular Maintenance of vehicles: When one will
focus on making their vehicles efficient by focusing on its regular repair and maintenance,
the vehicle would emit less carbon dioxide. This would help in reducing global


7. Install Earth Preservation
 Installing Earth Preservation Apps like Kil-Ur-Watts and
Wiser EMS helps in calculating energy costs. The apps also help in suggesting
ways and providing tools through which one can save energy and money. This
would also help in preserving the environment and help in reducing global warming.


8. Conserve
 In a year, hundreds of gallons of water can be saved and
conserved if one chooses to take 5-minute shower instead of baths. Using right
type of shower head will greatly help in conserving energy and would also help
in combating global warming. This is because showers consume less than 25% of water
than baths.



From this article one can conclude that all the
people through their little efforts can

 combat global warming, making the mother
earth a better place to live in. The only

 thing that we all have to do is to
practice and take one step at a time.



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