Valuing Friendship!


Often, there are times when we all get busy with our office work or in order to become a successful person, we  all just  forget to enjoy our life, or to just to something relaxing for ourselves . We tend to forget the happy memories we made with our friends at school and college! 

According to my opinion balancing out personal and professional life is very important. We all should know how to manage our personal relationships as well which includes friendship!

Personal opinion on friendship

Friendship, according to me is derived from two words; “friend” and “ship”.

A ship sails forward even if the weather condition is bad. Similarly, friendship means having friends living on a ship. There are some pirates who are there on the same ship but they have their own personal motives such as finding treasure. 



Such type of pirates may flatter their captain to achieve their purpose, but in times of need they might jump from the ship or join hands with another ship, knowing that they shamelessly betrayed their comrades. In friendship too, there might be some people who would be there with you in order to fulfil their “greed” but they won’t be there in times of “your need”.


There are some pirates who are not close to each other but their loyalty to their captain is unquestionable. Although, not close but they are still willing to give their lives for their captain and for the safety of other comrades. These people would never betray their team members, although they don’t express themselves much, but their actions always speak louder than the words. 




Friendship also works in a similar manner. There are some friends who do not have a special kind of emotional bond but loyalty connects them till death. Here, we can say that loyalty   is that component of friendship which brings a sense of belonging to these people. It is due to this factor that such kinds of people are always there for each other.

There are some pirates having different interests, morals, preferences but still no outsider can separate them because they have already accepted each other and rather than having quarrel, they prefer to “grow” on each other’s differences. 


If we talk about friendship, it does not necessarily mean that it involves interaction between two people having similar interests. Different people having different cultures, ethics, morals and values and personality also have a strong bond. 

This is because they accept each other for differences; understand each other and grow with each other. There are times that such kind of friends have such a strong emotional connection that they can find out the sadness behind the smiles and the love behind their anger.


Excluding, the first category of friends, the second and third category of friends show the true meaning of friendship. These people are the heart and soul of the ship because of which the ship sails forward. These kinds of people, even though they are distant or far apart, they will always be connected and will always be there for each other.


Friendship means being loyal, having respect for each other, enjoying with each other, having good times together and fighting together when the storm comes. It means accepting and understanding each other’s differences and growing on those differences. It means to be there for each other even though you are distant. It means to care for each other, to love each other and having an unbreakable trust. If two people have an unbreakable trust, no one can separate them. 



This is because even if an outsider tries to break their bond, those two people won’t need each other’s explanations because they know each other two well. Last but not the least, Friendship does not involve explanations and misunderstandings but it involves forgiving each other and growing with each other, laughing with each other and always being there for each other!




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