What is Afforestation and Its Benefits?


Forests provide the clean air, water, and food grains that organisms need to survive in the world. There are no lives without forests. So in this article we will look at the benefits of these forests and their current status.

The Source of Life is Forests

It is a scientific fact that only living things on earth live in the solar family, and that this is because only air and water exist on earth. The fact is that all living things on earth can survive, even though researchers are still researching whether the planets have enough air and water to sustain life. This air contains gases such as nitrogen, oxygen, and carbon dioxide. Organisms all absorb oxygen and release carbon dioxide. At the same time, plants absorb carbon dioxide, release oxygen, and provide clean air for organisms to live.

The Source of Water is Forests

Water is essential for human beings and living beings. This water is available to us through rainfall. Where it rains is mostly in the forests. It rains because of the forests. There are no trees in the deserts. So no rain. There are plenty of trees in the hills. So it rains generously. It is the forests that pour rainwater into the earth and give us groundwater.

Shade Trees and Forests 

Living beings rest in the shade of a tree as they travel from one place to another. That is why all the kings planted trees on both sides of the roads.

Forests That Prevent Soil Erosion

When it rains and the water flows away, the soil is washed away. Thus residential areas are devastated. But soil erosion is largely prevented as the roots of the trees cling to the soil. 

Forests to Help the Home

In addition to the above, trees are also used for building doors, tables, beds, and shelves for humans to live in.

Trees That Provide Food and Medicine

The fruits of the trees are used as food for humans and animals. The leaves, bark, roots, fruits and pods of many trees are also used medicinally. The water that falls on some plants and falls on us is also used as medicine. 

Disadvantages of deforestation 

Today forests are being massively destroyed in the name of civilization. Deforestation to build apartments. This causes erosion and many lives are lost. Decreased rainfall leads to drought, famine and starvation. Man has to wander for drinking water. 

So we will plant trees, grow forests and see resources to live healthily and happily in the world of organisms.

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