Why Vocational Education is Essential?

Vocational Education

Education is the guide to live as a human being. Because education is the sharpening of human rationality. This education can be of two types. One is Notebook Education and the other is Vocational Education.

" Learn an industry. Admit it you have no worries " said a poet. It is an empirical fact that the home and country of those who receive vocational education based on notebook education will rise economically and professionally. 

The Essentiality of Vocational Education

It is man's economy to provide for man's basic needs such as food, cloths and shelter. Creating the economy is work. Vocational education is essential for work. Those who have learned a profession work hard and improve their lives. 

There are many lakhs of young people in our country who have just learned the notebook education and left to register with the employment office and are waiting for a job. If they had learned a profession like the young people of Japan, they would not have had to wait for work. So it turns out that vocational education is essential.

Methods of Providing Vocational Education

The government offers more than 50 types of vocational education to students. Although medical, engineering and computer related courses are at the forefront, today due to the development of science, tens of thousands of students are dropping out in various disciplines in their respective fields. Not only this, with the advent of  automotive, home appliances, clothing, and jewelry, we can see that cooking has become a vocational education today. So low fees for vocational trainees, many incentives, accommodation for expatriate students, scholarships, food can all motivate them on many levels. Along with these, vocational trainees will be given direct training in good factories and training workshops and after completing their training, they will be able to work in good jobs or develop their own vocational education through various incentives such as business start-up assistance and the profits from vocational education will grow in the country. 

Benefits of Vocational Education

Our country with a population of over three hundred crores. These people need a wide variety of items such as food, cosmetics, sporting goods, stationery and vehicles. To provide all this, cottage industries, medium industries and heavy industries are being started. In all these, preference is given to those who have got vocational education. 

Vocational learning is the only way to produce world-class products. Vocational learners can stand on their own two feet and live with dignity without expecting anyone's favor for the job.

There is no ups and downs in the industry. Therefore, the youth should come forward to learn and choose the profession that is suitable for them.

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