Book Review on Big Panda and Tiny Dragon

 Have you ever wandered alone on the quiet road, sighing and getting lost in your deep thoughts? Have you ever felt that everything in life is nothing but a never-ending struggle? Have you ever thought that maybe your questions regarding anything always have a sad answer? 

The book “Big Panda and Tiny Dragon” by James Norbury is the perfect book if you have such thoughts. According to me by reading this book, one may realize that although life may not be as good as a fairy tale or maybe as heavenly as garden of Eden but it tells us that life is not only about negativity but finding simple, happy solutions even in our problems and negative emotions.



According to me this book would be able to teach everyone that life is nothing but a beautiful struggle. The only thing that anyone needs to do is to relax, sit back comfortably, introspect and live their lives with a new perspective!


This book was written by author when he himself overcame the phase of depression and sadness. He was really inspired by Lord Buddha’s teachings. The most intriguing thing which I liked about that book was the way in which he displayed his learnings in a very simple manner.

In this book too, two or three lines can simply explain any person to not give up on themselves, to never lose hope and to always believe in hope, love, friendship, kindness and most importantly in yourself.


This book consists of quotes and pictures which according to me, at a certain point anyone can relate to. According to me, there might be questions regarding life which would wander into our minds and whose answers might be difficult to find. I believe if one would read this book, such questions having deep answers might be found.

Summary of the book

The book through its deep quotes and pictures depicts a heart-warming tale of friendship of Big Panda and Tiny Dragon.

They both travel together and have often get lost at many places. But they don’t mind getting lost as even in that situation, they both learn something new, something deep and something meaningful about life.                                                                                          

They are each other’s travel companions and even if they are completely different from each other, they both share a very strong unbreakable bond, sharing each other’s perspectives about themselves and about life.


The thing that I personally learned was that it is okay if some of us feel that they don’t belong anywhere, it is okay to stand out and it is okay to just be yourself! It is okay to have a different personality and preferences and it is okay to just be sad!                     

Everyone has different life experiences and being different is not a negative thing! The two companions were also different from each other in many aspects, but their bond was strong because they accepted their differences, shared their perspectives about living life, encouraged each other to believe in hope, happiness, kindness and most importantly in themselves.




For example:

 The above lines according to me that each one of us aspire to do something that would help the society and want to change world by their contributions.  Often, we feel disappointed because we don’t know how to make our vision into reality.

 But by reading one can find a simple solution to resolve the above-mentioned thought and that is to take small steps, taking one step at a time and helping the next person who is in need of your help.

If small steps can make a huge difference, then similarly giving a helping hand however small it may be can also make a huge difference and make the world a better place to live in! 


If one looks at this quote, one can interpret that happiness and positivity, even though it is in small amounts is way much better than the complete absence of the two.

 This is because according to me if happiness and positivity is completely absent, then we could not grow as a person and our negativity and sadness won’t give us a reason to live! One will only exist then and will be stagnant!

Finally, the most interesting thing that I noticed was that this book can be easily understood by anyone. The most beautiful thing is that everyone can have their beautiful perspectives regarding the quotes. The way the messages have been delivered through pictures can even make a person who is not interested in reading, interested!

I would personally recommend everyone who is feeling lonely, abandoned, anxious, sad or unloved to go through this book! Even the non- reader as well!


 I don’t know whether you will like your journey one you start reading the book or your destination (answers you are looking for or may be something else) but I can assure you that by reading this book, you will surely enjoy the company of our beloved two protagonists!












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