How to make friends as an adult.

Friendship is a beautiful relationship that sets sail towards wonderful experiences. Your friends are the ones who relieve you from your mundane routine and bring excitement in your lives. We bunk classes knowing that our friends have got our back. And if they are willing to be our partners in crime, then it’s an added blessing. We call them when depressed, knowing that our friends will allow us to vent out to them and will make us feel better. 

As we get older, lesser friends remain in touch. We may relocate to a new place, or begin our education at a new college. It then becomes necessary to pursue new friendships to keep our company. The older we get, the more challenging it becomes to make new friends. 

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Why does making friends as an adult become challenging?

As an adult, it becomes difficult to deviate from the people we already know and pursue new relationships. We also find the people around us in different phases of lives from ours. Children are well connected with each other based on the some-what universal educational system and leisure outdoor or indoor games. Even though not every child’s interests and opinions match with the others, they are dynamic and willing to try different activities along with their peers. 

But as we grow up, our interests and opinions become rigid. Instead of being dynamic, we hope to find company in people with similar interests. We also become conditional regarding the kind of people we want to be friends with. Hence it becomes challenging to make friends as an adult. 

How to make friends as an adult?

1.Take the initiative:

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Picture this, you enter into a social setting and see people around you. This is the right moment, thrust your hand out and introduce yourself. Ask follow up questions such as what does the person do, where he or she is from, and also share some personal stuff about yourself. You have set the ball rolling on making the person your friend. Maintain consistency in talking to them thereafter and you have got yourself a friend. 

2. Join organizations or associations:

Usually in colleges, associations and groups are formed to conduct fun activities and refreshments. You can join any of these groups and associations based on your interests. This allows you to associate and coordinate with people sharing your interests. It can prove to be an ice-breaker between you and the others around you and put you at ease with your newly found friends. Thus making friends as an adult is much easier than it seems!

3. Be what you seek:

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What are the qualities you seek while making friends as an adult? Possibly kind, warm, consistent, and positive. Wouldn’t the other person also look for the same qualities in a friend? Be that kind, helpful, and warm person with whom you would like to be friends with. We can work on confidence, sense of humour, and a dynamic personality later on. 

4. Pursue friendships, not similarities:

The goal is to make friends. Don’t filter people out because they don’t stand in solidarity with your interests. Seek new friends and you may also seek new interests and hobbies.

5. Hear out!

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The best part about friendship is that we always have someone to hear us out. It could be our deepest desires, problems or even mundane everyday occurrences. Seeking friends as an adult, you also may have to lend your ears to what others have to say. It forms a great foundation for a long lasting friendship. 

Making friends as an adult is no rocket science. You just need to take some time to put yourself out there to seek new friendships. 

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