New skills you can start learning today.


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There’s a curiosity in all of us that acts as a driving force for learning new things. There are a variety of fields of specializations in the 21st century that kindle the curious cat inside us. Our desire can influence us to learn about almost everything that exists in this world. But the constraints of time and lengthy periods of learning a course can put the curious cat inside you to sleep. 

However, the 21st century that brought along with it the various fields of specializations has also brought some simple means of learning. There are several apps and websites that enable learning from the comfort of your home. You can begin learning online and learn at your own pace. Free demo lectures are also offered by many institutions to help you understand what you are signing up for. 

Following are some of the skills you can start learning today from the comfort of your home. 


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Whether you want to learn some basic photography skills to post beautiful shots on your status, or you want to dive deep into the world of photography. Educational platforms such as Coursera, Skillshare and Shawacademy are here to offer both free and value added photography courses to aspirants. 

2. Try filmmaking

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With video streaming platforms like YouTube welcoming small scale content creators and beginners, filming and editing has become much easier. Your mobile phone or a handycam is enough to get you started. You can start by looking for what’s trending and film a short video explaining your take on it. 

There are filming courses available on educational platforms like Udemy, Coursera and edX that you can learn from to gain more knowledge in this field. 

3. App making

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If you have an idea that can be transformed into an app, or simply want to learn how to make an app. There are several app building courses available online that have got you covered. 

4. Writing a book

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Every reader dreams of writing his or her book which they can publish someday. So why not begin chasing that dream with a few pages at a time? Start by writing an outline based on the idea you have in mind. You can further add other interesting elements to it with the help of your feelings, emotions and experiences. 

5. Learning a new language

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There’s nothing more sassy than being able to speak in a foreign language, at a foreign place. Being well-versed with a few more languages other than your mother tongue puts you at ease with different people from different places. It also gives you the privilege of visiting different places without the fear of the unknown. 

There are several online applications such as Duolingo and Babbel that can aid you with your efforts. 

6. Learn Typing

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Nothing wastes your time like having to search for the keys you need to press while typing an important document. Learning to type familiarises you with the positioning of the keys that can help you type faster than before. I would recommend the Typing Master portal to learn typing. It comprises tutorials, tests, and games to get you better acquainted with your keyboard. 

7. Learning a new sport

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Unless you are looking up some tricks and moves of the game on the internet, this activity might require you to go beyond what an electronic device can offer. Learning a new sport can help build a rapport between you and your team. It improves your skill of coordination and sportsmanship. The pleasure of seeing the shuttlecock soaring in the air after swinging a badminton racket at it has always been incompatible for me.  

These are some of the activities you can start learning today. 


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