Suffering from boredom? Here are some ways you can kill it.


Although we have the entire world today at an arm’s length, our mobile phone. We can’t help feeling bored and empty after scrolling through endless feeds on Facebook and Instagram, binge watching an uncountable number of series and movies across different video streaming platforms, unlocking each and every item available in our favourite video games, and using almost every app on our phone

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It is time to look beyond what our phones have to offer. It's as simple as looking for another source of happiness when something you have been doing fails to excite you. Here are some of the activities that can help you while suffering from boredom. 

Sing a song

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Sing for yourself. Not for someone else. Don’t seek approval from anyone. Play your favourite song in the background and sing along. You will eventually get better at it and also feel better. Doing things for oneself is the best gift we can give to ourselves. 

Dance to your favourite song

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Dance in your room when no one’s looking, or dance at a party without caring if anyone’s looking. You’ve got to get your blood and adrenaline pumping. That’s how you end your suffering from boredom and kill it under your prancing feet. 

Play your favourite song

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If you don’t feel like trying the activities above, play your favourite song. You will automatically find yourself singing and dancing to the tunes. Playing music on your phone is surely the easiest form of entertainment you can seek. But avoid the urge to visit social media as you play your favourite song in the background. Observe and understand the lyrics of the song, and let your imagination run wild on the foreground. You can be the hero romancing your heroine, or the other way around in your favourite song. 

Write a song

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It sounds complicated, but it's not. Have you ever jokingly or unknowingly replaced a word or a phrase from your favourite song, and it still sounded perfect? Do it a little seriously this time at a greater length for the sake of your suffering from boredom. Try doing it over consecutive days instead of doing it at a single stretch of time.  

Take pictures

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Here’s another activity that involves your phone, but it’s worth your time. Take pictures of anything that appeals to your sight. From the colourful rubix cube sitting on your desk, to the sun rising from the east. There are many things worth capturing around you, which you can find as you observe your surroundings with your eyes wide open. Suffering from boredom might actually come in handy here as you try finding beauty in little things to entertain yourself. 

Call a friend

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We humans are social beings, so why not share your suffering in boredom with your friends? The conversation might probably begin with, “Dude, I am so bored”, to “so see you at 5”. You can come up with something interesting between the opening and closing lines. There, you have managed to kill it and end your suffering from boredom. 

Play an instrument

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It’s time to pick up that keyboard, guitar, or drums that is catching dust in the corner and start creating music. It does sound like a daunting task, to me. But playing an instrument to your favourite song will be a more delightful experience. 

Draw something

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Be it a doodle at the last page of your notebook, or a full sized drawing on an A4 size paper. Drawing gives the satisfaction of having created something. Creation is the best medicine for someone suffering from boredom. You might have heard yourself saying many times that I am bad at drawing, but the final results of your creation on paper is often much better than you imagined. At least if you draw from reference instead of drawing from your imagination. 

There are other activities you can take up such as learning a new language or taking up a specialization course in a field of your interest. But this article focuses on simple pleasures one can experience while suffering from boredom and finding ways to kill it. 

You can also come with some of your own activities and mention them in the comment section to help others kill boredom. Myself included. 

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