5 Scariest Creepypastas that are creeping around the internet!


This is an image of 5 creepiest creepy pastas creeping around the internet!

Creepypastas are stories or lores that have made it to the world of internet and have become internet lores. Many of these originate from legends, mysteries, and unexplained occurrences that are passed on among generations or shared amidst people on a large basis. It’s a delight and a hair-raising feeling to read them back to back in a single place. And that’s why we bring to you this list of scariest creepypastas that are wandering around the internet. Waiting for you to read!

1.Slender Man

This Slender Man was pushed into the world of the internet based on an urban legend. It stated that in the woods amidst the dense fog, there lived a slender figure who laid in wait for preying on unsuspecting children. He possessed superficially long limbs and wore a suit. 

As if being in the woods and becoming a part of scary campfire stories weren’t enough. He started inhabiting the minds of people. Some were terrified of him while the others became obsessed with him. Murders and crimes were committed in his name as offenders claimed that he asked them to do so! 

You can experience the fear he induces by watching the sinister movie series. If you dare!

2. Robert the Doll

This is an image of Robert the Doll

Creepypastas are only limited to some of the stories surrounding it. Otherwise the doll does exist in reality! The doll was gifted to an artist named Robert Eugine Otto during the late 19th or early 20th century. It was said to have been cursed by Robert's family servant before it was given to him. He named the doll after him and his neighbors claimed to have seen the doll standing eerily by his window, staring at them! 

Countless supernatural occurrences surrounded the doll in the coming ages. Today the doll rests in a museum and it is best for people to leave it alone. You can watch the 2014 movie Annabelle to get a taste of what living with Robert would be like!

3. The Russian Sleep experiment

This is an image of Russian sleep experiment.

After world war 2, five prisoners were shut inside a room filled with gas that would prevent them from falling asleep. All was well for a few days, at least in comparison to what comes later. As a week passed by, the prisoners were slowly going insane. Another week passed and they started committing acts of unthinkable horror! Upon the third week, 2 of them were dead! 30 days later when the experimenters went to check on the remaining prisoners, or what was left of them, was beyond recognition. They were subjected to unimaginable levels of abuse inflicted by each other!

The story goes into gory details that have been omitted for the squeamish ones among you readers. With no supernatural elements and simply evil intentions of some deranged humans. This creepypasta is effectively one among the scariest on the internet!

4. Jeff the killer

This creepypasta is well known for the image it is represented by. Picture this, a sore white face, with a bloody grin and lidless green eyes! This is what Jeff looks like. If you are reminded of the Joker, Jeff also has a backstory for his appearance like the Joker. Some say that Jeff was involved in a fire accident that burnt his face severely and tore off his eyelids. While the others say that he was involved in a chemical accident that affected his face and drove him insane. Whatever the truth may be, both the iterations of his backstory are scary! 

Jeff is said to have killed his entire family after his accident and took of into the woods, only to be hiding in people’s closets and asking them to go to sleep, before he murders them too. 

5. Amora Petrova 

Amora Patrova was a skating enthusiast who googled her name and found a wikipedia page about her. Apparently the page had a lot of nice things to say about her which was beyond the truth. But slowly everything mentioned in the page began to happen! Amora became a very successful and renowned skater in America, just like the page suggested. However, that wasn’t enough for her and she tried to alter the pager by adding a more prestigious title in the field of skating to her name. 

What follows later will justify the reason why I referred to her in past tense! Amora died a traumatic death, stripped off all the accolades she had earned. If this doesn’t teach you to be careful what you wish for, nothing else will.

If these creepypastas don’t keep you awake, nothing else will!


By Xavier Piedra 

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