Gadgets that will make your life easier!

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With rapid industrialisation and innovation making its way through centuries. People living through them benefit widely due to employment opportunities and hi-tech gadgets being produced. We cannot imagine our lives today without our phones and it is rendered useless without a good internet connection. With the continuation of experiments and innovations, the boundaries of possibilities are being pushed and new gadgets arrive in the market that vow to make our lives easier. 

We will be looking at such gadgets in the list below. Make sure to check them out!

1.Wireless earphones or earbuds

Nothing is more frustrating than grappling with tangled earphone wire when you need to listen to some music. Many tech giants have come with affordable solutions to this problem in the form of wireless earphones and earbuds. Yes, there are affordable options to choose from. You can also choose from a range of manufacturers to buy your wireless earphones as its a product competed for production by many popular brands. 

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2. Powerbank

With a portable powerbank in hand, you no longer need to worry about losing all the charge in your phone. Or your wireless pods if you own a pair. However, you will have to remember to charge the power bank to use it for its intended purpose. Apon charging it, your powerbank can sustain long enough to power your mobile phones over long journeys. 

3. Streaming sticks

Streaming sticks are the modern solution for streaming video content on your television or computer using a Wifi or 4G internet connection. It comes with a remote as well to toggle through streaming services on your electronic devices. It works as an amazing alternative over set-top-boxes and cable TV connections. 

Google Chromecast or Amazon FireTV can be viable options to look for while purchasing a streaming stick.

4. Go Pro

GoPros are tinier versions of a traditional camera that allows you to capture photos and videos while you are on the run. GoPro is basically a US based brand that has widely become synonymous with compact and portable cameras. These compact cameras from GoPro are expensive. But if you don’t mind spending extra for a YouTube video or to simply capture a worthwhile experience, you can give this a go!

5. Selfie stick

Works every time when you lack a tall friend in your group. This selfie stick can be a portable extension for your arm while taking selfies. Or groupfies!

6. Fitness tracker

The rest of the world might not be interested in knowing the steps you covered. But you would want to keep tabs on it. Fitbit wrist bands can do the job by notifying you about the number of steps you have covered. There are more complex alternatives such as smartwatch that come with GPS connectivity and waterproofing as well. 

7. E- Reader

E-Readers don’t have the traditional glare you receive from your smartphones and computers. Thus, taking it easy on your eyes while you read your favorite book on one of them. You also have thousands of reading options to choose from on a single device. 

8. A lost-stuff finder

Here comes a hi-tech gadget that will help you find your important stuff. It’s a small chip-like structure that you can place inside your wallet or clip it to your keys. When you lose track of your items, you can trigger a sound on the chip from your smartphone to find your lost items. 

9. VR viewer

Get the experience of a virtual reality from Samsung gear VR or Google daydream view that can be operated from your smartphones. Because why not. There are tons of 360 degree videos and VR contents out there for you to witness. 

10. Wireless Charging pad

If your smartphone supports wireless charging, getting a wireless charging pad will be worth it. It will definitely make your life easier by not having to look for adaptors or cables anymore. It also looks cool!

So these are some of the tech-gadgets mentioned that can make your life



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